Lia Unveiled Debut Single, “La Conejita”

NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lia unveiled "LA CONEJITA" as lead single as her hugely anticipated debut for the birth of her music career, single was released August 21, 2021 via all musical platforms.

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On August 11th, Singer/Song Writer Lyanne Lizaliz Ayala, better known as Lia made an announcement on Instagram relating to her first single "La Conejita". The song was personally written by her, it being her first attempt ever writing for the Latin Urban Music genre. She states that this song was inspired by artist Bad Bunny hence the title "La Conejita" which translates to "the bunny." Lia states that this is only the beginning, promising that there is so much more to come. She shares that there are still about 8 more tracks ready to be release in the year 2022.

Lia comes from a musical background. Her Father Ricardo Gutierrez who artistically goes by Ricardo Miguel has been Lia’s major exposure to music as a child. Lia mentions that she always aspired to sing professionally and has been writing song from a very young age. Lia is a symbol of confidence! With her music and lyrics that is the only energy she wants to give away.

In the beginning Lia was identifying herself with more of lo-fi type of sound until one day when she decided to experiment with urban music. She states that ever since then she couldn’t stop writing. She believes it helps her express herself in a sexy way. Lia considers herself a poet, stating that she’s always wanted to be a rapper. Her songs are inspired by her great imagination and feelings, along with her favorite urban artists. She says that women are always taught to suppress their desires and feelings and with her lyrics she just lets everything flow. She believes that she has something great to offer music industry and she wants to experiment multiple genres.

So, stay TUNE and watch how Lia goes Global because Lia is here and she’s here to stay, leaving her mark and changing the game.

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