Launches Las Vegas Sports Themed NFT Collection to Benefit Local Charities

LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — launches new NFT collection to benefit local Las Vegas charities focused on feeding and housing children.

Can NFTs make the world a better place? Maybe. At this point in time the possibilities are seemingly endless for what can be done with NFTs, up to and including helping to make the world a better place.   

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of NFTs, short for Non-Fungible Tokens, which are authentic keys, or certificates of authenticity, “minted” when data is written into the blockchain. A piece of art, whether it is a song or 3D collectible, is verifiably authentic via the unique minted token, protecting both the artist and the buyer by ensuring authenticity.

Meet Laura, a Las Vegas mom of 3 boys who was looking for ways to teach her kids about business and marketing. The family was searching for a unique product that represented their beloved Las Vegas, something that they could create and sell themselves. From hand-made refrigerator magnets to souvenir red dirt creations, the family has had years of fun trying to find the perfect product to bring to market. During quarantine, the Las Vegas family dove into crypto currencies and discovered what they had been unknowingly searching for all these years: NFTs.

So, how does minting a unique token help make the world a better place? By having the proceeds of the NFT auction directly benefit an established charity. Las Vegas Collectibles, the small business created by Laura and her children, is dedicated to raising money for local Las Vegas charities, primarily those that focus on feeding children and families.

“We have identified two different ways for us to give back to local charities via our digital art. The first way is that 10% of all sales on our proprietary artwork will be donated to a local charity. The second way will be even more fun. We are currently searching for a charity to partner with where we will create a custom 3D animated NFT to auction off for the charity’s benefit with no out-of-pocket expense to them. We strongly believe that if we give as much as we can to others, we will receive more than we need. We are looking to create win-win-win scenarios; the charity wins with 90% of profits and no upfront cost, the buyer wins with their one of a kind unique NFT, and Las Vegas Collectibles wins by building relationships and hopefully, eventually earning enough to put these three boys through college,” says Laura. is the website where you can browse the NFT collections and link directly to the various auctions to bid on each piece of digital art.

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