Klarisana Ketamine and Behavioral Health Centers Announce From Mind to Matter: A Psychedelic Medicine Art Initiative

DENVER, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Klarisana Ketamine and Behavioral Health Center, the largest ketamine and mental health provider company in the country, introduces From Mind to Matter, a first-of-its-kind visual art program to promote art and design in the psychedelic realm.

Klarisana will be partnering with clients and artists in each of the communities that it serves to produce a best-in-breed art collection inspired by psychedelic medicine.

This initiative will be the first of its kind among the nation’s Ketamine clinics and will highlight the amazing array of artwork produced while undergoing ketamine treatments.

"The psychedelic journey is next to impossible to explain without more organic references, like art or music. This program will highlight the work of our past, present and future Klarisana clients to show the world how creativity can be unleashed while a client is making extremely positive, life-affirming changes," said Klarisana founder, Carl J Bonnett. "So many of our clients have had such rewarding and uplifting experiences while undergoing ketamine treatment and therapy at Klarisana, that we wanted to provide a forum and a collection of artwork by our clients to highlight their creativity and the creativity that is so intertwined during a ketamine session, while at the same time, continuing to fulfill our mission of rebuilding lives."

"Klarisana kicked off this national program by acquiring the work of Tracy R., who has used her ketamine journeys at Klarisana not only to treat her chronic pain but to come up with ideas for paintings that reflect her experience. Tracy’s first piece for this arts initiative, entitled Simulation K, will be featured prominently in Klarisana’s corporate offices in Westminster, Colorado. New pieces will be added to this collection on an ongoing basis and will be privately funded by Klarisana."

"Our goal as a company is to rebuild lives and to drastically reduce suicide," said Klarisana CEO Neil Haznar. "Ultimately, we believe that by highlighting the creativity of our clients, we can establish one of the best psychedelic art collections in the world and will showcase this artwork in each of our offices nationwide."

"Our clients have had such rewarding and uplifting experiences while undergoing ketamine treatment at Klarisana," continued Haznar. "Many of these clients have experienced heightened creativity and a desire to share it with the greater community. We challenge ourselves to create a forum and collection to highlight the raw and unleashed creativity in a way that continues to fulfill our mission of rebuilding lives."

From Mind to Matter will feature artwork in the coming months in its offices in Denver, Westminster, Austin, San Antonio, and Carlsbad with plans of expansion into a number of new markets nationwide.

About Klarisana: Carl J Bonnett, a retired 20-year member of the National Guard, founded mission-driven Klarisana in 2015 after becoming aware of the alarming suicide rates among United States veterans.  A purpose-driven organization, the core belief of founder Carl J Bonnett is that a ketamine journey can help a person reframe their trauma and build back a happier, more satisfying life. Today, Klarisana treats a number of mental health disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Kelsey Johnson, Social Media, and PR Coordinator- Klarisana


SOURCE Klarisana Ketamine and Behavioral Health Center