Julie Chapman Releases Album, Homage to the Northwoods

PALATINE, Ill., Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pianist/composer Julie Chapman from the Chicago area has recently released her album of original piano solos, Homage to the Northwoods. Available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and other major music streaming platforms, her album can also be purchased on CD and Vinyl. With poignant melodies enhanced by her treatment of color chords, Julie’s compositions are considered neoclassical in style. Professionally recorded in her home on her Hamburg Steinway Grand, Model B, the quality of the mastered tracks is exquisite and will not disappoint even the most discerning listener.

Julie’s original piano solo, Gavia Immer, is featured on this creative music video, directed by Vince DeSantiago, Feature Studios of Chicago. The liner notes in Julie’s CD and Double LP read as follows.

“The Common Loon is an iconic Northwoods waterfowl and a prodigious diver. Revered for their beautiful calls and primordial behavior, the loons survive with qualities to be admired: loyalty, patience, commitment, and beauty. The motif in this piece represents the yodel call of the male loon. The middle section represents the many dives where the loons are on the hunt for a well-deserved meal.”

Within three weeks of her album release, Julie’s music has been selected for inclusion on 30+ Spotify playlists. The content ranges from neoclassical music to playlists for working or studying.  She recently learned that she will be featured in Nagamag International Music Magazine and on their Neoclassical Spotify playlist.

To discover more about Julie Chapman and her brand, you are invited to view her posts on the following social media pages: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. You will also find additional information on her website, www.juliechapmanmusic.com.

Julie began taking piano lessons when she was four years old. Her natural ability, musicality and passion for the instrument were discovered in these early years, as she was preparing for what would become a life-long career. Julie’s advanced classical piano studies were completed at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she received her degree in music. While there, she was taught by two highly regarded piano instructors, Ian Hobson and Dr. Kenneth Drake. Julie was uniquely influenced by the repertoire of Chopin, Ravel, and Debussy. Informed by these masters, Julie began composing piano solos of her own- an echo which is heard throughout this current work.

The music written for Homage to the Northwoods was inspired by Julie’s interaction, respect, and response to nature while at her lake home in the upper peninsula of Michigan. She is especially committed to the common loon- with a glimpse of their day captured in her composition, Gavia Immer. While their beauty and behavior are remarkable, it is their four distinct calls that have captivated Julie. Recently she was invited to serve on the board for the Michigan DNR’s Michigan Loon Preservation Association (MLPA.)

Julie, while currently composing songs to be included in her next release, is exploring opportunities to compose for others’ creative and commercial projects. As a commercial media composer, she is adept at recording, synchronizing, and editing music in her home studio. With the anchor of her studio being a pristine Hamburg Steinway Grand Piano, Model B, Julie has invested in professional audio equipment specifically chosen to best record her Steinway.

Of her several solo piano albums, Homage to the Northwoods perhaps best exemplifies her refined pianistic skills and matured sensibilities as a composer. What was once a nascent promise has come to full fruition. Julie’s evocative musical gift is evident on this album, and it is her sincere wish that through each song you, too, will experience the wonders of the Northwoods.

Please visit www.juliechapmanmusic.com for more information.

Contact: Julie Chapman
50 N Plum Grove Rd; Unit 802
Palatine, Illinois. 60067

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