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LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While there are more opportunities for today’s musicians to engage audiences than ever before, these initiatives do not pay living wages, and they don’t offer fans a dedicated music network for interacting with artists and other fans.

The revolutionary Trubify live-music-streaming app gives musicians a platform where they can finally earn significant revenue for their art—two cents per unique livestream viewer and one cent per unique viewer for archived content—and it allows fans to discover, share, and support their favorite musicians.

“The free Trubify app provides artists the opportunity to make a living by monetizing their music, rather than simply pocketing a few bucks,” says CEO/founder Stephen Tyszka. “Musicians no longer need to struggle for survival, dilute their creativity with numerous side hustles, or feel emotionally crushed by the extremely low value assigned to their artistry.”

The Trubify music revolution is driven by artists and fans, and the community thrives as more and more music lovers download the free app. A robust Trubify network means musicians will be able to generate more revenue than they ever could from performing in clubs, bars, and other small venues, or from releasing music on conventional streaming services.

In addition to the highest artist payouts of the music-streaming industry, Trubify makes it easy for fans around the world to reward musicians with its one-tap tipping feature. Furthermore—and for the first time ever—creators can earn revenue covering hits, album tracks, and other songs owned by the current publishers. Trubify secures and pays all licensing, so when a Trubify artist performs a cover song, it will never be pulled down or demonetized—like what happens to creators on other platforms.

Future income-generating opportunities will include a virtual events-ticketing system, recurring patronage from super fans, AI-driven matchmaking that pairs artists with new followers, and data sharing that can establish partnerships between brands and influencers.

“We truly believe Trubify is forging a revolution in elevated respect for artists, the payment of fair wages for music, and the delivery of fan engagement within a dedicated music ecosystem,” says Tyszka. “The Trubify team serves this union of musical artists and music lovers by supporting everyone, inspiring everyone, and transforming an industry that is crying for change.”

About Trubify
Trubify is a live-music-streaming app that brings fans and creators together in a new music culture within a collaborative ecosystem that provides musicians high payouts for their creative content.

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