Johan Launches Unique Golf Ball Markers Inspired by Traditional Korean Art

LOS ANGELES, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JOHAN, an emerging golf and lifestyle brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product: golf ball markers inspired by traditional Korean art. This innovative collection marries the rich cultural heritage of Korea with the modern spirit of golf, offering enthusiasts a unique blend of tradition and sport.

The new collection of golf ball markers is a collaboration with TUKATA, the 2018 National Craft Design Star Product Development Contest award-winning brand in Korea. Fusing modern shapes, individualistic character, and cultural symbolism, these markers are more than just a tool for golfers; they are a celebration of Korean heritage and artistry, designed to bring a touch of elegance and personality to the golf course.

JOHAN’s founders, Andy and Hannah Han, expressed excitement about the new launch, stating, “We wanted to create something that not only serves a practical purpose on the golf course but also connects golfers with Korean culture in a fun way. Each marker tells a story making them a perfect addition to any golfer’s collection.”

The JOHAN x TUKATA golf ball marker collection is inspired by “Sipjangsaeng” (십장생), which refers to the Ten Symbols of Longevity often used in traditional Korean art. Each golf ball marker represents different qualities of well-being and serves as a visual representation of longevity and cultural idealism. The collection includes:

Weather Elements

  • “WOON the Cloud”- optimism and hope
  • “HAE the Sun”- energy and enthusiasm

Natural Landscapes

  • “SAN the Mountain”- strength and stability
  • “DOL the Rock”- dependability and loyalty
  • “MUL the Water”- flexibility and adaptability

Plants and Animals

  • “RUMI the Crane”- wisdom and serenity
  • “BULRO the Mushroom”- resilience and adaptability
  • “SONA the Pine Tree”- resilience and endurance
  • “GEOBUK the Turtle”- patience and perseverance

The launch of these unique golf ball markers is part of JOHAN’s ongoing commitment to blending culture and sport, creating products that resonate with a global audience. As the brand continues to expand its offerings, it remains dedicated to celebrating and preserving the cultural heritage that inspires its designs.

To celebrate the launch, JOHAN is offering a limited-time promotion for early adopters. Customers who purchase the JOHAN x TUKATA golf ball marker collection through the official website or Kickstarter campaign will receive an exclusive discount and a chance to own a piece of Korean art history.

For more information about the JOHAN x TUKATA golf ball marker collection and to make a purchase, please visit their website or the Kickstarter campaign page.

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JOHAN is an emerging golf and lifestyle apparel brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Combining their surnames, Jo and Han, married couple Andy and Hannah blend traditional art with modern sport. With a commitment to quality and cultural preservation, JOHAN offers a range of products that appeal to golfers and art enthusiasts alike.

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