Jade Patteri, Releases New Music Video Calling for Unity

BURBANK, Calif., Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jade Patteri (Prom: The Movie Musical) is using her talent to make a positive impact on the world. Her newest music video Unity is the title track to her previously released EP comprised of original songs focusing on different societal issues that need attention. Unity can be seen February 26th on Apple MusicTidal, and Vevo.

Unity speaks to all barriers of biases and is comprised of a star-studded cast and production team with Jade Patteri (Singer, Writer and Co-Director) at the helm. Produced and Co-Directed by Robert Patteri (Beauty and the Beast, Scarlet Pimpernel) the principal cast includes Paul Toweh as Rapper (Brat, Chicken Girls) and Dancers Marcus Emanuel Mitchell (Step Up the Series) and Kayla Radomski (So You Think You Can Dance). Fresh Redding (The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) and Outrage used their brilliant choreography to empathetically bring the story to life. With Joseph Films and Unity Song Producer/Mixer/Master Ben Byram, the vision is complete.

The video opens with Jade and Toweh walking into a movie theater where they sit down and watch a movie: Unity. On the screen are Marcus Mitchell and Kayla Radomski surrounded by diverse people with tape on their mouths, symbolic of our fear of communicating to those who look different, love different, have different religions, countries of origin, or political ideologies. The screen flashes changing from color to black and white leaving only Mitchell and Radomski behind, their mouths now bound with tape. As they begin dancing with emotional conflict, we cut back and forth to the theater where Toweh and Jade are now younger versions of themselves.  As they watch the dance, their pure, reactionary emotions dictate Mitchell and Radomski’s change of emotion and movements. At the very end, the children have changed the conflict of the dancer’s story to love. As they rise from their theater seats, they step into the movie where they remove the tape from the mouths of the dancers causing the screen to return to color with all the diverse people reappearing; this time without tape on their mouths—all joining together in Unity. The postscript at the end of the Music Video reads:

“Choose love not hate, and then we can be the change.” Jade Patteri. For more information on how you can be the change, go to Choose Unity

When asked how the video represents current times she shared, “I wrote this song before George Floyd to be a voice of hope and love, addressing the racial and sexual inequalities and political and religious ideological differences that have been dividing us for too long.   Then the tragedy of George Floyd, COVID and the political divides converged magnifying our disunity even more as reflected in our current cultural climate, escalating our need for Unity now more than ever.”

Unity was filmed in locations around Los Angeles including Brickhouse Studios and a privately owned movie theater under all the necessary Covid compliance measures needed for the safety of cast and crew. Unity sends an important message given our current social climate. Patteri adds, “The message is so fresh and raw right now that it brought an extra layer of intentionality, purpose and healing to the shoot. I’m beyond grateful to the selfless contributions of everyone who brought this timely film to life.”

Jade Patteri is a triple threat, chosen for the 2019 Broadway Artists Alliance/ John Raitt Award representing Southern California’s High School students Off-Broadway as well as being awarded the 2019 Artist of the Year by the National Youth Arts Awards.

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