Israeli R&B Singer / Songwriter Lorensa to Release her Debut EP “Layers” on November 20

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lorensa’s first career EP, "Layers" is an emotional and honest take on love and heartbreak inspired by past relationships from her own life.  Whether it is the whirlwind of questions right after a tough breakup, or the confidence after making it through the breakup and being happy again, emotions run high from the beginning to the end of "Layers". 

As she makes her name known in the Pop and R&B world, Lorensa’s deep connection to her lyrics is an element of her music style that encourages the listener to immerse themselves into the song to not just hear but also to feel the gravity of the story being told.  Lorensa’s vocal styles have been compared to Ariana Grande and Sza, staying on the softer side and showcasing natural singing talent that is signature to both of their sounds. Lorensa’s songwriting and singing talents in the R&B genre are excellent and perfectly fit for the sound she has developed.

The seven track "Layers" EP is a collection of the rawest of emotions felt through Lorensa’s delivery of the lyrics from a first person perspective.  Lorensa’s unique sound and talent shines through the lyrics, creating a safe space for her to bear her soul.  The lyrics she writes come to life with her own voice leaving a lasting impression of a passionate and authentic artist of today.

"Layers" drops on November 20th on all streaming platforms. 

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About Lorensa
Lorensa is an Israeli-born, Los Angeles-based musician with an angelic voice, who delivers powerfully authentic messages through her unique brand of artistry. After the childhood passing of her father, Lorensa performed at a variety of venues in her native country. Without the assistance of her family, Lorensa’s 2016 emigration to America served as a powerful catalyst for channeling her passion and attracting her destiny: MUSIC. After a number of popular collaborations with artists across multiple genres along with the release of her first four singles as a solo artist, Lorensa is ready to debut her R&B infused, seven track EP, "Layers”.

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