Isotope Ticketing Lets Drive-in Event-goers Bid For Top Parking Spaces

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Isotope Ticketing is an innovative ticketing system that relies on network-selling to maximize sales for sales campaigns. With the effects of COVID-19 forcing event promoters to reinvent the live experience, the need for robust marketing and ticketing platforms is paramount. Drive-in events are taking shape as the new norm, yet event promoters are struggling to break-even.

Co-founder Aaron Zhang states, “Drive-in events are not generating high enough margins for event promoters to turn a profit. This is unfortunate because there’s lots of work that go into event production and running large events, especially with strict social-distancing rules. We hear promoters complain about not making more than $1,000 for a sell-out show. Drive-in events should not follow the same pricing structure as traditional events where everyone pays the same price and is not restricted to a certain area. In order for drive-in events to turn a profit, they must maximize their margins on the top parking spaces.”

Isotope Ticketing created bidding and floorplan special features for drive-in events; these features are built on a network-selling system which can be used for not only events but also for products that can be digitally fulfilled. Event promoters configure which valuable parking spaces customers would have to bid on. Customers place bids through the platform and the highest bidder wins. Dynamic floor-plans give customers a bird’s eye view to select their parking spot.

The system is live and has processed over half a million in ticket volume. Isotope prides itself on its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. We expect the addition of our bidding feature to boost event promoter margins significantly.

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About Isotope Ticketing: Isotope Ticketing was founded in 2018 at Brown University and currently based in Los Angeles. Our system is built on a network-selling strategy in which affiliates can share their commission with their sub-affiliates, organically creating large networks of salespeople working collaboratively.

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