Inventor Launches Adult Toy Despite It Almost Killing Him

WEST MIDLANDS, United Kingdom, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inventor Rob Stephenson is lucky to be alive after the stress of launching his latest product nearly killed him. With the launch complete and steady sales now established, Stephenson has cut back on his workload. He does promise to continue developing new products though.

Stephenson’s most successful invention to date is an adult toy called Humpus. Getting it to market required a tremendous amount of time and effort. Between actual development and the ancillary tasks of lining up investors and finding manufacturing partners, Stephenson put in countless hours over several years. The work and stress eventually took a toll on his health.

After an intense meeting with manufacturing partners in China, Stephenson felt a crushing pain in his chest. He also experienced difficulty breathing, a matter made worse by a persistent 60-a-day smoking habit. His partner, who is also a nurse, realised he was in trouble and called paramedics. Stephenson was rushed to the hospital for testing and treatment.

Though doctors could not confirm he had experienced a heart attack, Stephenson was told he had emphysema. The combination of this diagnosis and his chest pain convinced him to quit smoking. He has also cut back on his work hours in hopes of reducing the stress that comes with his line of work. As for the Humpus, Stephenson managed to get it to market despite his health scare.

“Since the incident with my heart, I have decided to take better care of myself,” Stephenson said. “I still get angina attacks from time-to-time. I treat these as a signal to slow down and take a break.”

In addition to continuing his work as an inventor, Stephenson has started a YouTube channel based on his love of fishing. The channel features videos that show anglers simple but effective ways to modify their tackle. Stephenson says that he would be spending more of his time fishing on the beach if it were not for the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns. Meanwhile, his business continues to grow with the support of partners in the United States.

About Rob Stephenson

Rob Stephenson, from the UK’s West Midlands region, is a serial inventor with plenty of successful products under his belt. One of his inventions, the Claspaway, is a simple device that helps stop necklace and bracelet clasps from slipping away and out of reach. Stephenson has also invented a magnetic tool to pick up sharp objects, like pins and needles, without injury. As an avid angler, his list of inventions even includes a number of products that make fishing more enjoyable and productive.

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