Introducing Surge Powered by Break Out: A Game Changing Solution for Creating Interactive Audiences from Anywhere in The World

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At this moment, there is no bigger Pop phenomenon than Korea’s BTS. Currently, they have the Number 1 song on Billboard’s Top 100 and a fanbase as passionate and sizable as those of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles of yesteryear. BTS will perform two concerts with virtual audiences on October 10th and 11th. Their audiences will experience the shows through Break Out’s proprietary technology that provides fast, two-way communication between artists and fans. In a socially distanced world, Break Out delivers intimate, live experiences that promote connection rather than impede it.

In the U.S., this same Break Out technology is now provided by Surge, a subsidiary of 2n1 Media. Specializing in bringing people together and maximizing communication, Surge Powered by Break Out can bring together as many as 10,000 people. Attendees of any Surge Powered by Break Out event enjoy unparalleled 2 way communication, file and screen sharing, advertising, e-commerce and customized platforms for both smart phones and PCs. All of this enhanced by the energy of a live audience that can make their voice heard no matter where in the world they are.

Break Out has been heavily tested and proven in the Asian marketplace. Min Jung Kim, Project Manager at CJ Entertainment, the event coordination agency responsible for Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2020  in conjunction with Cheil Worldwide said, “We had conducted thorough research about virtual audience solutions, testing all of the existing online meeting platforms. Break Out is the most reliable, optimized solution that was able to gather people from all around the world seamlessly with less equipment and hassle. It was a big success.” Han Park, Executive Producer of Seoul Forum 2020 said “Mixing offline and online audience using Break Out in the forum not only created a safe environment but it made geographic limitation non-existent. Virtual audience is a new norm we need to adapt.”

Whether you are trying to promote social distance or cut down geographic distance, Surge by Break Out brings audiences together safely and cost effectively for a wide range of promotable, interactive experiences. The platform has been used for corporate meetings, concerts, sports, festivals, TV and fashion shows, even religious gatherings. Most online meeting solutions that use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) create a vulnerable security risk and lag time between participants. Break Out uses proprietary protocol to offer a secure environment during client events. With multicast tunneling support, network bandwidth can be drastically reduced no matter how many users connect from multiple geographic locations. Expensive WAN sections are reduced and audiences can nimbly respond to what they are experiencing.

About Surge
Surge is a business division of 2n1 Media. 2n1 Media is a Marketing Supporting Company Servicing Video Productions, Website Development, Marketing Collateral and Social Media Management with Marketing Intelligence Consulting. 2n1 Media holds the exclusive distribution rights for Break Out in the U.S. Market.

Surge, A Business Division of 2n1 Media, LLC.
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