Introducing SIKI, the World’s First Crypto NFT Platform Where Both Users and Artists Can Profit

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SIKI, the world’s first state-of-the-art, blockchain-based, sustainable multimedia platform, will launch its public Beta testing for audiences and artists globally in October 2021.

SIKI’s music streaming is the first offering from the SIKI platform, and it is revolutionary. Artists on SIKI turn their songs into NFTs via SIKI’s multi-blockchain NFT creation engine. These freshly minted music NFTs will earn a far more timely and higher royalty than any traditional streaming platform offers. Curators (Listeners/Fans/Artist) on SIKI have the capability to stream, curate, sell or auction NFTs to other curators on the SIKI platform. When artists create the NFT’s they have the option of allowing whoever holds the NFT the ability to share in a percentage of royalties and tips made by that NFT on SIKI.

SIKI is the first multimedia platform ever to be built on the advanced Hedera Hashgraph, the most sustainable distributed ledger worldwide. SIKI chose Hedera for its highest possible security grad and its low energy footprint – key to SIKI’s mission of building a more sustainable entertainment ecosystem. Hedera also has a strong Governing council with members from companies such as Google, IBM and LG.

The SIKI token, SIKI’s internal cryptocurrency, is launched on the Hedera Mainnet and has Total market cap of 3.5 billion tokens. SIKI tokens are used for NFT creation, NFT purchasing, royalty payments, streaming, tipping, subscribing, promotion and more. SIKI has also begun the on-boarding process with multiple blockchains and tokens such as HBAR, Polygon (Matic) and Algorand.

On SIKI, Gamification allows curators to level, rank and even be featured on the front page along with their favorite artists. Having a high rank following can allow artists to make bonus income far surpassing royalty payments of any other music streaming platform currently released.

Today’s music streaming launch is just the start for SIKI, which has been built to grow. Social networking, art galleries, multi-blockchain NFT marketplace, live streaming, gaming and more will follow as SIKI reinvents the ecosystem of entertainment.  

Users can learn more at and apply for Beta Launch in the links below: 


About SIKI Holding Corporation
SIKI is a Multi-Media, Multi-Blockchain NFT Creation Engine and marketplace wrapped in a social ecosystem that streams NFT Music, live streams and posts. Equipping users with all the tools  to connect and engage with each other and their favorite artist.

SIKI is led by a management team of professionals from the fields of music, entertainment, technology, investment, and cryptocurrency. SIKI is the new industry-leading blockchain-based multimedia platform revolutionizing the experience of users and artists

About Hedera Hashgraph
Hedera Hashgraph is the world’s most sustainable distributed ledger. With high-throughput, low  fees and finality in seconds, Hedera is today’s 3 generation blockchain technology.

About Multi-Blockchain NFT Creation Engine

One of the core attributes of SIKI is the Multi-Blockchain NFT Creation Engine. SIKI is the first platform that allows for the creator to choose which blockchain to mint their NFT on. All NFTs made through the SIKI NFT creation engine are verified, tracked, and rewarded for their activity and engagement regardless of the blockchain they were minted on.

SIKI is an ecosystem for everyone having the freedom to choose which blockchain to mint on while fully participating in the SIKI platform. This brings blockchain communities together and gives each blockchain community a fun and engaging space to interact with each other in. Having the option to create an  NFT on the blockchain of your choice also lowers the barrier of entry for artists. Creators can see and compare the cost associated with minting on various blockchains and choose what’s best for them. This naturally allows SIKI to host the first multi-blockchain NFT marketplace. All other marketplaces host only one blockchain option.

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