INNODESIGN Launch of New Single Rider Golf Cart is a Game Changer

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new single rider golf cart, called INNO-F1, will be debuting at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando Florida (Booth 3525). INNODESIGN has, with great intention and purposeful design, created this cart from the ground up to serve players who may prefer to ride by themselves, if not to gradually replace traditional golf carts in golf courses around the world.  This new single rider cart not only benefits the player, but also the course owner.

Two-seater golf carts are the popular standard for golf courses around the world and have not changed since the first golf cart was introduced about 70 years ago. Designer, founder and CEO of INNODESIGN, Young Kim, asked “Why aren’t there any golf carts for one?” Then he and his team of designers began to sketch a single rider golf cart about three years ago.

Heads will turn at this sleek and stylish golf cart of the future.  It is designed with players safety as the top priority, but also features highlights such as front and back storage, removable windshield/canopy for a topless option, windshield wipers, headlights and break lights. 

The stable, smooth ride enhances a player’s game by speeding up the pace of play, allowing for improved focus on only their game and removing wasted time resulting in less frustration. For club owners, this efficient, lightweight model will generate more revenue by allowing for faster pace of play as players only retrieve their own ball. Additionally, reduced maintenance costs are seen as the INNO-F1 is nearly half the weight of a traditional two-seater golf cart and showcases an enhanced battery recharging system using removable battery packs.

Kurt Budday of 14 has previously mentioned that in the past 3 years he has seen more single rider devices such as scooters and kick boards, but this year will be the first time he has seen at the PGA Show a single rider golf cart of this caliber and, “I am excited to carry the INNO-F1 line in my retail location in Arizona.”

By shifting to INNO-F1, Kim says, “This unique and creative design will make the game more enjoyable for the player and increase the overall sustainability of the course. We are so pleased with the outcome and invite everyone to visit our booth at the 2023 PGA Show to preview and experience the INNO-F1 as well as take a test drive during Demo Day on January 24th.”


INNODESIGN Inc. is a total creative consulting firm established in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto in 1986, and for 37 years it has led the way spreading genuine concept and value of design to the general public, which declares that design starts from the market. INNODESIGN was one of the top 10 design groups selected by NIKKEI BP (a Nihon Keizai Shimbun company) in Japan in 2009.  INNO-F1 is engineered with the latest electric vehicle technology developed by INNOMOBILITY LAB, a subsidiary of INNODESIGN.

Young Kim is a world-renowned designer who designed the 2018 Winter Olympic cauldron and torch and now presents the first golf cart “for one,” called INNO-F1 which he and his team of designers designed.

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Young Kim, CEO

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