Indie Gem Tyson’s Run Secures Top 10 Spot Globally on Netflix

Planet 9 Productions’ creative collaboration with Kim Bass boasts two films released on major streaming platforms this month, with two new films in the works

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After theatrical releases in the US and Latin America, the inspiring independently-produced Tyson’s Run has secured a significant position as the 8th most-watched film on Netflix, in its first week of streaming, with over 3.1 million views. The film will become available to Netflix subscribers in the United States on February 28, 2024; nonetheless, Tyson’s Run sits within the global Top 10 English-speaking movies on the platform. This incredible feat underscores the film’s universal appeal and resonant message, as it continues to garner admiration and praise from viewers across Latin America and beyond. Tyson’s Run is being distributed in the US by Collide Distribution.

Tyson’s Run is a collaboration between Planet 9 Productions and filmmaker Kim Bass about a boy with autism (played by Major Dodson in the titular role), who is inspired by a new friend and former world champion marathoner (Barkhad Abdi) to exert his own independence by becoming a marathon runner himself, in the hope that it will help him to repair the frayed and dormant relationships in his own family. The film also stars Rory Cochran, Amy Smart and Claudia Zevallos.

Planet 9’s John Cappetta collaborated with writer-director Kim Bass and producer Deanna Shapiro to produce A Snowy Day in Oakland, a hysterically funny magical urban tale with a huge heart. The film, which addresses the importance of mental health, particularly in communities of color; boasts a phenomenally powerful and all-star ensemble cast, led by Nicole Ari Parker, Deon Cole, and Loretta Devine. A Snowy Day in Oakland is being distributed by PoC Studios and began streaming on STARZ on October 5th.

The Planet 9 Productions and Kim Bass creative partnership has two new projects currently in the works: a horror-thriller film project, A Lawyer, The Devil, 3 Priests and a Nun, which is in pre-production, and the action-adventure historic epic Yasuke: Soul of a Samurai, which is in active development.

Bass expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “My collaboration with John Cappetta and Planet 9 Productions has been incredibly rewarding, and we’re proud to continue delivering stories that resonate with diverse audiences.”

The founder of Planet 9 Productions, financier and business leader John Cappetta, reflects on the film’s current success, stating, “‘Tyson’s Run’ earning a spot in Netflix’s Top 10 this month is a testament to the potential for independent and diverse films in today’s entertainment landscape. We have always been proud of this film, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the audience numbers coming out of Latin America as we look toward the US streaming release early next year; and as we continue to make and release entertaining and impactful films going forward.”

About Planet 9 Productions:
Planet 9, a subsidiary of Andesite Holdings, is a production company based in Solana Beach, California, specializing in independent film and theater projects that seek to engage and inspire audiences and which celebrate diverse voices and stories. Notable credits and projects for John Cappetta and Planet 9 include Executive Producer on Marshall (2017), starring Chadwick Boseman, Executive Producer on Day of Days (2017), starring Tom Skerritt opposite Claudia Zevallos, Producer (p.g.a.) on Tyson’s Run (2022), starring Rory Cochrane, Barkhad Abdi, Amy Smart, Major Dodson and Claudia Zevallos, and Producer (p.g.a.) on A Snowy Day in Oakland (2023), starring Nicole Ari Parker, Deon Cole, Kimberly Elise and Loretta Devine.

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