Independent Music Label Rockamore147 Drops Fresh EDM Track ‘Lose Control’ as Gift to Musicians – Copyright Free and Available for Open Use

SOLAPUR, India, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rockamore147 recently announced the release of its newest music track, “Lose Control” – a high-powered EDM tune that bursts with foot-pounding, thrumming bass and snappy claps. “Lose Control” features lush, blended vocals and pure electronic tones, exploding into volcanic beats intended to drive people to the dance floor. Rockamore147 is currently offering the track copyright free, encouraging musicians to sample or use the tune in any way they see fit: videos, social media, ads, vlogs, blogs, workout ringtones, podcasts, etc. The studio simply asks to be given credit for the piece via a YouTube video link. “Lose Control” is freely available for listening and download via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, and iTunes.

“Releasing free, professionally created music seems counterintuitive to many folks trying to make money in the industry, but there’s a method to our madness,” said Rockamore147. “Part of the idea is advertising for our new studio of course – it allows us to share our creations with the world and get our work broader recognition. But just as important, we’ve always been dedicated to the art of music and music appreciation. And part of that art involves sharing completed works with other artists to entertain them and inspire the creation of their own songs. We’ve begun to build an entire community of musicians, artists, and lyrical content creators who all share a common passion: the love of music. ‘Lose Control’ is our latest contribution to this cause, and we hope it inspires people.”

The ABCs of a Great EDM Tune

Electronic dance music is a mix of multiple genres including techno, house music, synthpop, disco, trap, hardstyle, trance music and more. EDM has evolved a great deal since it first became popular during the 1970s disco and synthpop genesis, but modern tracks are still recognized by skilled remixes of traditional instruments, electronica, pounding beats, soaring vocals, and original effects using state-of-the-art mixing equipment. Although there are endless varieties and approaches, most EDM tunes generally have four traditional structural elements: intro, breakdown, build-up, and drop.

  • Intro: EDM usually begins with stripped down beats, establishing the pace of the music and serving to build momentum. These intros also have a pragmatic use: they allow DJs to seamlessly blend one song into the next during a set.
  • Breakdown: The beat slows down or is dropped altogether, allowing a sense of anticipation to build in the listeners who are waiting for the build-up to begin.
  • Build-up: The build-up is exactly that – an increase in power that energizes and prepares listeners for the upcoming drop.
  • Drop: The electronic zenith of the song. The drop is the most dramatic and important EDM element, and is the part of the song that really makes listeners want to dance.

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About Rockamore147

Based in India, Rockamore147 is an independent label and studio that promotes music appreciation by designing a wide variety of background tracks for musicians of all types. From EDM to pop music, with both vocal and instrumental tracks available, Rockamore147 tracks help amplify music and deliver it to a wider audience. Rockamore147 also offers an interactive music platform, fostering an overall musical community by letting fans and musicians sample the tunes from the studio and network with other musicians who are interested in creating their own work. Rockamore147 celebrates the free sharing of music, routinely providing tracks for its fans that are royalty and copyright free.

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Hitesh Patel

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