Independent Films About Social Change Are Dead on Arrival

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Independent film director/producer Paul Roberts pursued the big-name film festivals while anticipating the release of his documentary film about health care reform, entitled “Diagnosing Healthcare.” Like many, Paul hoped to garner attention and press from the likes of Venice international Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and Raindance. However, their selection criteria are instead centered on commercial viability and A-list celebrity attachment to the film. No longer is it about “doing the right thing” for the advancement of social change. Distributors and sales agents, for that matter, focus on the same criteria. The dynamics of these power players in the world of film pose a daunting task to the independent filmmaker. It makes turning a profit difficult, but also for driving awareness of the important mission-centered message in the film.

About “Diagnosing Healthcare
Paul Roberts funded the project himself, spending nearly $200,000. The film offers solutions for the COVID-19 crisis and explores health care, with human rights at the center. The film also offers innovative solutions for humanity. One unknown health care plan introduced in the film saves 40% over the costs associated with the current U.S. healthcare system (a savings of $1.4 Trillion/year) while improving the quality of care delivered.

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