iFans Sees a Surge in New Accounts During the Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented surge in social media usage. The social distancing and stay-at-home rules have transformed our social and work lives. Now a significant population of the world is socializing and working online. 

The ability to study, work, and operate entire businesses from the comfort of your living room worked wonders, paving the way forward for the “new normal” way of living. 

While making money online seemed challenging for most people, the pandemic has made it easier than ever. Many content creators have now found out how to monetize their brand through platforms like iFans and social media.

Surge in Social Media Usage During the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a standstill. Nearly every country in the world imposed a lockdown at one point or another, which meant people were stuck indoors for longer periods. With all the free time at hand, people flocked to social media websites and digital content platforms to socialize and keep themselves occupied and entertained. TikTok was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic. The platform passed 800 million monthly active users, with the app having been downloaded more than 2 billion times. 

iFans, a new digital content platform, witnessed a huge spike in users during the COVID-19 pandemic. iFans is the next-generation platform for content creators, such as adult entertainers, models, bloggers, photographers, artists, food enthusiasts, and more, to directly sell their digital content. The social distancing and lockdown caused digital content creators and content consumers to flock to the new platform to sell and consume content. 

Monetize Your Brand During the Pandemic

With most businesses suffering great losses and many companies being forced to render redundancies in their workforce, earning a steady income for people has become a challenge during the pandemic. 

While some people wonder how to get money from the internet, others have already adapted to the economic climate and figured out creative ideas to make money from home. Unsurprisingly, social media and digital content monetization platforms like iFans have opened new opportunities to make money online during these trying times. 

Making a living through online work is convenient for the most part as all it requires to get started is a stable internet connection and an idea. As a result, many workers have started to dedicate all their efforts by working full time as digital content creators.

Whether it is influencers, models, artists, graphic designers, or home-based startups, work from home facilities have provided an opportunity for people to experiment with their creativity and earn money online.

Platforms like iFans allow digital content creators to build their online community and sell their content directly to their fans and subscribers. Unlike social media websites where you make money indirectly through ads placed within your content, iFans is powered by a digital paywall for direct monetization. 

Even if you don’t want to work full time as a digital content creator, you can utilize your spare time to create and sell your content on iFans to earn extra cash.

Benefits of iFans for Content Creators 

Many new social media platforms emerged, and many existing ones substantially increased their user base during the pandemic. One of these new social media websites was iFans, which allows creators to interact with their subscribers through direct messages, live streams, video chats, and more. Creators have the liberty to choose which of their content to display for free and which content they want to set up behind a paywall. 

What makes iFans different from social media websites and other content selling platforms is that it allows content creators to earn income without foregoing a large portion of their earnings to the website for any hidden charges. 

When posting your content on iFans, you get the option to make your content available only to users who would pay you for viewing your content. These users are called your ‘subscribers.’ You also have the option to post teaser content to your ‘followers’. Those are the users that can follow you for free. The best part is that you can even use direct, one-on-one messaging and live stream videos to earn extra income on iFans. 

Influencers who are afraid they’re too late to the game, or who feel they’ve hit a growth plateau can rest easy when joining iFans.

You no longer have to rely on only your traffic to grow your fan base!

Here is a rundown of 3 of their main features that differentiate them from the competition:

1.        Internal & External affiliate system with attribution 

Internal: When a creator mentions another creator, they can split that revenue 50/50 when a fan joins through that mention (Tracked Share for Share!)

This gives creators a massive incentive to post and tag each other

(Shoutout for Shoutout with deep reporting!)

External: You can choose to allow affiliate marketers to promote your iFans account and earn 40%, while you keep the other 40%!

2.      UNCAPPED Referral system – Invite a creator to join iFans and make 5% of their income for life! Limited time offer – Referrals will Eventually get capped. If you refer someone before the announced cap, you’ll be grandfathered in.

3.       Robust live stream features (Go live to your followers, subscribers, a list, 1-on-1, or to the whole platform. This is a great way to gain new fans!

iFans keeps only 20% of the revenue as commission, allowing you to withdraw the lion’s share of your earnings. These referral payments are uncapped, which means that creators will continue to earn extra money as long as those referrals keep paying. 

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has proved that working from home and making money online is the future of work, especially for content creators. Platforms like iFans provide you with the opportunity to showcase your talents without having to compromise on earnings. And with an ever-increasing demand for more online content, digital content creators’ future looks promising.

Whether you’re an established or aspiring digital content creator, it is a good idea to make money from home by selling your exclusive digital content on iFans.  Convenience, flexibility, and the ability to make a sustainable living mean that now is the perfect opportunity to move to iFans.

If you’re wondering, “how can I make money online today and how to monetize your brand,” check out iFans or sign up to iFans as a creator and explore how the platform works.

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