Huski Offshore Racing Team Announces 2022 Schedule

STUART, Fla., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Members of the defending world champion Huski Chocolate Race Team are filled with renewed excitement for the 2022 race season. In late 2021, Huski Chocolate teamed with Alegra Motorsports to participate in the APBA World Championship Races in Key West. The combined talent of Steve Curtis on throttles, Carlos de Quesada at the wheel, and Gary Stray as Crew Chief led the Huski Chocolate Team to its first ever world championship title.

Through a cooperative agreement with Alegra Motorsports headed by Carlos de Quesada, the Huski Team will field two Class 1 race boats during the 2022 season. With two competing powerboats, Huski Chocolate will have twice as many opportunities for victories at each race.

"We’ve assembled some of the top talent in the offshore racing industry to field two powerhouse teams," said Director of Operations Scott Colton. "With many of the international teams returning to compete in Class 1 this season, there’s no better time to be a race fan."

Class 1 racers are the fastest race boats and top competitors in the offshore world. To participate in Class 1 Racing, all boats must have identical boat weights, engine horsepower, and propeller sizes. Class 1 boats weigh exactly 11,750 pounds and are powered by twin 1100 horsepower race engines governed by Mercury Racing. The engines are factory sealed to ensure fair competition. All teams must also use the same propeller dimensions and are allowed only three propeller sizes. The Huski fleet will include 47-foot-long Victory and 50-foot-long Victory catamarans made of carbon and Kevlar for high performance. Both boats can reach top speeds of 170 mph. The skill and expertise of the drivers and throttlemen are the primary factors in winning races.

Class 1 boats are scheduled to compete in six world-class races during the upcoming season. Stops include events in Cocoa Beach, FL; Sarasota, FL; Michigan City, IN; St. Pete Beach, FL; Clearwater, FL; and Key West, FL. The Huski Teams will compete in each of these events with additional appearances at air shows in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. During the air shows, the team will compete in air vs. sea drag-style races with various air show performers.

The Huski Team is expected to make numerous appearances on the winner’s podium during the 2022 season.


Ft. Lauderdale Air Show

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

April 30–May 1

Thunder on Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, FL

May 20-22

Miami Air & Sea Show

Miami, FL

May 27-29

Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix

Sarasota, FL 

July 1-3

Great Lakes Grand Prix

Michigan City, IN

Aug 5-7

St. Pete Power Boat Grand Prix

St. Pete, FL

Sept 2-4

Clearwater Offshore Nationals

Clearwater, FL

Sept 24-26

Key West World Championships

Key West, FL

Nov. 7-14

SOURCE Huski Chocolate Racing