How a ‘Star Wars’-Themed Company Is Turning Fantasy Into Reality

BOSTON, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since the inception of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise in 1977, enthusiastic fans around the world have been obsessed with its plot, characters, and most of all – lightsabers. The idea of owning a lightsaber has been fantasized by many different fans over the years, and in recent times, it has become reality.

Helping create this new reality is what inspired the formation of a company – DynamicSabers. “In the beginning, lightsaber collecting was more novelty than mainstream,” said William, the company’s founder and president. “However, now it is an affordable hobby available to everyone,” he added. Indeed, the hobby has become more affordable in recent years. DynamicSabers starts their product lineup with some lightsabers priced at just around 90 dollars. These lightsabers include fun realistic features, such as visual and sound effects.

For more avid collectors, the company also offers extremely high-end lightsabers in its lineup. Many of its high-end designs take inspiration from the lightsabers wielded by the franchise’s iconic movie characters. Others are custom designs made by the company itself. These high-end lightsabers also include a new technology called “neopixel,” which features illumination from within the blade itself rather than the hilt by using 50-watt LED strips. The result is the ability to have far more complex and realistic effects. Although these kinds of lightsabers are pricier, their features are almost unlimited.

DynamicSabers says they take pride in their work, and in the variety of lightsabers they produce. The company has dozens of designs, many of them custom made. Their collection consists of all sorts of price points to meet the budgets of all fans, as it has strived to make lightsaber collecting an accessible hobby for everyone. The company looks forward to continuing to grow its fan base – which already numbers in the tens of thousands. Loyal and dedicated fans of their work have continued to be interested in the company, and as the years have gone by, many have continued to buy routinely from them. Events such as comic cons, birthday celebrations, or just the desire to duel are all motivations for many. 

DynamicSabers intends on continuing their expansion into the lightsaber market. Their efforts have remained steadfast over the years – always continuing to add more designs at the behest of their fans. Those looking to learn more about the company and view their products can do so at:

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