‘Hope and Miracles’ is the Dream Come True We’ve All Been Waiting For

S. FALLSBURG, N.Y., Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HBC TV Productions announces ‘Hope and Miracles’, a unique six-act weekly occu-follow reality program in the "Transformational" programming space.

HBC is seeking network placement for what is billed as "sheer delight on steroids." 100 million people in the U.S. are chronically suffering and hopeless after years of failed surgeries and pain according to WebMD. The Miracle Man here does the unimaginable and in a few moments the pain is gone forever as captured in numerous videos and MD testimonials.

Dr. Umar Chaudry M.D. said, "For those suffering from incurable pain he may be the Messiah."

HBC TV tells us that Tom Chi is a man with extraordinary talents and "Viewers will be moved to witness these very real, life-changing moments."

The series features Tom Chi a/k/a The Miracle Man, who sings spontaneously and spreads delight and gratitude all while, in a visit with him, curing the forlorn and hopeless after years of suffering. Dr. Michael Frumkin said: "Medically sound and nothing short of astounding."

Chi is a Kung Fu Master with students around the World. He recently demonstrated how he applied that mastery to create a breakthrough cure during a segment for the Dr. Oz show.  

On The Doctors TV show Dr. Ordon showed that he could jog again after limping to meet with Chi following his failed knee surgery.  Chi has treated Oprah, Mark Ruffalo (Tom cured his facial paralysis) and dozens of medical doctors.

We’re told this Miracle Man has treated tens of thousands of suffering patients with the same immediate result; no more pain, lives restored, families reunited. And then, producers say, "He does the hokey pokey. Because, you know, for him, that’s what it’s all about."

One reviewer commented, "I love the miracles, love the shattered lives restored but I’ll tune in just to see what he might do next!" With 50 million video hits HBC says Tom is widely known by those who endure terrible pain after failed surgeries.

Chi relates that Johns-Hopkins Hospital requested a demonstration and sent a medical reporter. 3 hip/knee replacement patients were escorted by a Nurse Practitioner. The surgeon called off their replacement surgeries and a year later reconfirmed no surgeries were needed.

Videos show miraculous results with sufferers leaving behind crutches, canes, braces, and even wheelchairs. Loved ones react with tears of joy and surprise.

Each episode will feature three astonishing and real stories of transformation and lives restored. 

HBC TV says, "The suffering is gone and they are overcome with gratitude and happiness." Tom, who has hands "like lasers," then joins them in their professions by attempting such activities as honky-tonk dancing, disaster-stricken home repair and handling a roaring fire hose.

HBC TV says they are equipped to ensure Covid safety protocols at their facility for crew, hosts and guests.

About The Miracle Man®

Dr. Tom Chi (DAOM) is a graduate of two Oriental TCM medical schools. Kung Fu Grandmaster Moy Yat, older KF brother to Bruce Lee said: "Tom Chi you have achieved something we’ve not seen before."

Using esoteric hand-sensitization exercises of the kung fu Chi pioneered this unique breakthrough treatment that cures the incurable.

Tom is a multi-talented Renaissance man. He and his Colombian wife are avid salsa dancers.

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