Hollywood Alicee Seduces Fans with Debut Single, “Wat is U Sayin”

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One woman’s determination to not let life beat her becomes the gift that keeps giving as Hollywood Alicee drops her debut single "Wat is U Sayin." And this is just the beginning.

Born in Atlanta GA, Hollywood Alicee is an Instagram celebrity who is no stranger to the entertainment world. Her resume reads like a Who’s Who in the modeling and film industries. Hollywood Alicee’s credits include being a featured actress in Fast & Furious 8 and participating in the Miss Black America pageant. However, her latest venture into camming has skyrocketed her to stardom, being named one of the top models in the Cam Industry during her first-month streaming.

"I have always been an artist in the entertainment industry," said Hollywood Alicee. "Music is my voice, and I can tell my story another way. Music is just the next step."

There are R&B and hip-hop performers, and then there is Hollywood Alicee. Utilizing her sweet but salty voice, "Wat is U Sayin" is a seductive song that compliments the social media celebrity status she has earned as a cam girl.

"Some of the lyrics are rapping, almost zapping," she described her debut track. "I have seduced guys as a cam girl, and now I can do it again. Music brings the cam experience to my songs and a live show to my music."

While Hollywood Alicee is one of the few cam industry entertainers who have released music, "Wat is U Sayin" was written by Hollywood Alicee and her brother. She credits him for creating the hook, but the lyrics are a contradiction that only she can explain.

In keeping with her strong female yet sexy appeal, Hollywood Alicee drops mouth-water vibes and spicy hot lyrics that make men stand up and listen. Imagine a cam performance but streaming right at you. It is an experience that no one has done. Hollywood Alicee’s magnetism that she exudes as a cam girl translates to a sultry, seductive, and frisky debut single. "Wat is U Sayin" reveals how women feel when men tell them one thing, but their actions contradict what they say. "A lot of women get told they want them, but in their everyday life, guys don’t care about you. It’s like their action ain’t speaking," she said. "I ain’t got time for the bullshit."

Produced by Cold Melody on Hollywood Alicee’s record label, Certified Hustler, "Wat is U Sayin," racked up 7.5k views on YouTube in five days – with no promotion. Now that the world is hearing Hollywood Alicee, it is clear she is not a one-hit-wonder and is destined for musical greatness.

Inspired by Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Hollywood Alicee has no plans to slow down in the studio or outside. As an entrepreneur, in addition to her cam industry business, she owns an e-commerce site focusing on women’s health and beauty, including her famous wigs, and lingerie.

Looking at her journey and survival, she said, "I was a young hoodrat girl who grew up in a horrible environment. I lost family and friends to the streets; I survived the drug life, got outta the streets, and turned my life around. Anybody can do it. Never stop pursuing your dreams."

The dreams of Hollywood Alicee have stretched from coast to coast. While she continues to be one of the most sought-after cam girls, Hollywood Alicee is now a rising star in the music industry.

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