Highly Sought After Video Marketer Finally Reveals The Secret Formula He Uses When Producing Videos For Some Of The Biggest Influencers & Brands In The World

SAN DIEGO, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Acclaimed Video Producer and Professional Video Marketer, Kevin Anson (https://www.thevideoformula.com/) recently released his Video Formula Program. Kevin has been hired to produce videos for people like Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, Daymond John, Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone & Costco. With more than 500 students already enrolled, his formula teaches entrepreneurs the 10 crucial ingredients every video needs in order to perform well online. Even if people have no tech skills and no video experience, anyone can use this formula to get results. The Video Formula distills 15+ years of Kevin’s expertise into a simple step-by-step process that many entrepreneurs are already using to generate massive amounts of leads and sales.

As one of Kevin’s students stated: “It’s kind of like getting an entire marketing degree in less than an hour.”

Kevin leverages the nuanced psychology behind what makes a good video work – as well as offering practical and technical video-creation tips. The Video Formula is filled with dozens of marketing secrets that have even produced results for influencers like Julius Dein with over 36 million followers online. The full training program is available now at a reduced price for a limited time.

The Video Formula: A Valuable Crash-Course in Video Marketing

Using the philosophies and proven strategies behind viral-video making, The Video Formula is packed with every tool necessary for entrepreneurs to increase views, likes, comments, shares, subscribes and grab the interest of new customers. The entire course comes with a variety of modules, and bonus extras:

  • “The Video Formula” Training
  • Headline Hacks
  • How to Not Be Awkward On Camera
  • Smartphone Hacks
  • Scroll-Stopping Hacks
  • Bonus 1: Caption Hacks
  • Bonus 2: Video Tech Resource Guide
  • Bonus 3: Online Facebook Community

“Making memorable marketing videos that quickly get results is an art. But it’s an art that you can learn, once you know what’s involved,” said Kevin. “And you have to learn it if you want your business to succeed – YouTube alone gets an average of two billion visitors a month. That’s an unbelievably large audience you just can’t afford to ignore, if you want to get noticed. So you can either spend years experimenting, trying to find what works to get their attention, wondering why you’re not getting any views or likes at all. Or you can skip all that and learn what already works. My formula has helped clients generate millions in revenue using pure psychology – 10 triggers that humans cannot ignore when they are scrolling through online videos. I’ll teach those to you first, and then give you advice on other ways to get more people to click, watch, like, comment, and share your videos too.”

To learn more about Kevin’s techniques, visit him at: www.TheVideoFormula.com. Or follow him on social media: YouTube, Instagram.

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