Help “True Crime’s Thelma and Louise” Crack Cold Cases

DETROIT, Feb. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Calling all armchair detectives and social media sleuths. A new true crime podcast gives listeners a chance to solve cold cases – all thanks to two rogue reporters who drop clues about big mysteries.

The show, CrimeCasters Network spotlights lesser-known cases that pack just as much drama as their more publicized counterparts.

So, less JonBenet Ramsey, Black Dahlia, or Zodiac Killer, and more like the uber mysterious disappearance of California teenager Theresa Ann Bier. After she vanished, a family friend told police he saw Bigfoot kidnap her.

"Theresa’s story is one you couldn’t make up," says CrimeCasters Host Alysia Sofios. "Her case is still unsolved, and we hope our audience holds the answers."

Veteran reporters-turned-podcast hosts Alysia Sofios and Ronnie Dahl ditch the confines of mainstream media to take listeners behind the crime scene tape.

It’s part of the reason for their nickname, which they got after an impromptu visit to a police station. They marched into the department to investigate a suspect from a cold case.

"A detective yelled out, ‘Uh oh, here comes Thelma and Louise’," says Dahl. "He was joking, but it’s pretty accurate. We are willing to do what it takes to track down leads."

"The name just kind of stuck. It’s true, we won’t give up," says Sofios. "This time around, we’re doing it our way."

The crime-fighting friends met 20 years ago in a TV newsroom in Lansing, Michigan. When bigger media markets called, both moved up the reporter ranks.

Alysia headed to California where she covered high profile criminal trials including those of Scott Peterson, Larissa Schuster, and Marcus Wesson. She later wrote a best-selling true crime book with the survivors of the Wesson Family Massacre.

Ronnie became a fixture in the Detroit market with her tough investigative techniques. She put those skills to work when she left TV news for a job at ATF.

Now, the unconventional journalists have teamed up for a hybrid show that relies heavily on participation from its audience. It’s part audio, part video, and part livestream on social platforms – all to garner new leads.

"There are so many stories we covered that we can’t forget," says Dahl. "It’s time to bring justice to their families, and we think our listeners are up for the job."

Along with family members, the CrimeCasters hosts interview investigators, attorneys, and authors associated with the cases. Most of the cases they spotlight are either unsolved or have outstanding questions.

It also features "True Crime Genius" Ryan Kester – the teenage prodigy who has been attending trials since he was nine. Kester garnered national attention for his involvement in the Darlie Routier case after he petitioned the court to gain access to physical evidence.

The pre-law college junior hosts a Sidebar segment in which he analyzes a key legal piece of each week’s story.

CrimeCasters Network launches this week with a new prison confession from "Acid Queen" Larissa Schuster – the biochemist who murdered her husband by submerging him a vat of acid.

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