HEDO CEO Christy Buss on the Road to Reinvention and Philanthropy

NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A life of dancing and elegance – Christy Buss spent most of her time at her studio in Los Angeles teaching young children and adults the art of dance. She grew up in a family of dancers; her mother was also a studio owner. For 28 years, she watched young students grow into adults and some became parents. For Christy, it also opened another door for evolution.

She found herself hungry for more knowledge and had the eagerness to pivot into the skincare industry. Not long after, she became the founder and CEO of HEDO Skincare. Fast forward to the present, Christy enjoys her time creating skincare products and perfecting them to deliver the high quality that every consumer deserves. She envisions HEDO to be a global skin care brand promoting health, self-love and sensual joy. Despite her success as a skincare mogul, Christy didn’t forget to give back to the community.

Covid gave me the cue to let go of my studio because it was impossible to have a brick and mortar when we were guided not to. It was a terrible thing that happened worldwide, but I admit that it was somehow a blessing that told me it was time to venture into a different path.

Fortunately, I’ve entrusted my studio into the hands of my assistant; she’s been with me since she was seven years old.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles since the 80s and witnessed many changes. Homelessness has been a problem and continues to grow. It’s heartbreaking to see tent cities every time I take a drive on the freeway. Homelessness isn’t only about housing problems but also looking after their mental health and well-being. I’ve worked with charities and helped raise money to fund projects around the city. There’s so much work to do, but a little step goes a long way.

Christy remains grounded in her vision even at the peak of her success. She aims to continue her mission of helping the homeless through charity work and with her new line HEDO.

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