Healthcare Freedom Activists Releasing “Propaganda EXPOSED” Documentary Mini-Series

The film will highlight the coverups, censorship, and the widespread state supported bias during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it correlates to the longstanding war against natural medicine as well as the push to mass vaccinate the globe and strip people of their health freedom.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the husband-wife duo who founded "The Truth About Cancer" and have spent two-decades exposing the risks associated with harmful chemical cancer treatments as well as sharing the truth about vaccines, are set to release a new documentary mini-series ("docu-series") titled ‘Propaganda EXPOSED’ on May 4th. This groundbreaking 8-episode docu-series seeks to uncover the lies of the mainstream media and medical industry and educate viewers on the truth about how we are slowly losing our freedoms as well as what we can do to take them back. 

‘Propaganda EXPOSED’ shares the story of Big Pharma corruption, conflicts of interest, and explains why current medical interventions are so heavily skewed toward patented drugs. The docu-series also covers the sordid history of medical experimentation in the USA in an attempt to help the viewer understand how we got here, why we are now losing our health freedom, what we can do about it, and so much more. 

In total, over 50 doctors, scientists, health experts, and freedom fighters are featured in this "one of a kind" docu-series which will change lives, influence friends and family, and quite possibly "wake up" enough people to create a "tipping point" for truth and liberty.

Some notable experts featured in the 8-episode docu-series include Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Roger Stone, Del Bigtree, Dr. Alan Keyes, Mike Adams, Pastor Greg Locke, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, John Schneider, David "Avocado" Wolfe, and many others. 

The Bollingers have a long record of producing docu-series on cancer and vaccines, and they also host live events, with a focus on questioning "official stories" from the mainstream media and medical industry. Their TTAC [LIVE] events have attracted tens of thousands of people across the country, while also reaching millions online. 

"This has been a labor of love for Ty and me. Our goal with ‘Propaganda EXPOSED’ remains consistent with everything we have done over the past two-decades, providing the people with the hidden truth about health, liberty, and freedom." explained Charlene Bollinger

The global premiere of ‘Propaganda EXPOSED’ is May 4th, and as always, they will air the entire 8-episodes free to the world. To reserve your spot, please visit

To learn more about Propaganda Exposed, or to schedule an interview with the Bollingers or those who appear in the documentary series, please contact Kristin Davis at
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SOURCE The Truth About Cancer