Happy Jack Entertainment and Lox Club Join Forces to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being Through “Therapy Sessions” Event: “Mixing Matters”

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Happy Jack Entertainment (HJE) and Lox Club joined forces to promote mental well-being through their event, “Mixing Matters,” held on September 14th, 2023. HJE, a pioneering entertainment company, uses music and media as vehicles to champion mental health. Lox Club, a members only club, shares the commitment to creating a positive, inclusive environment. This collaboration brought together a diverse group for an evening of breathwork, mindfulness, dancing, networking, and community building, fostering authentic conversations and positive mental health.

HJE encompasses four pillars: a boutique record label prioritizing artist wellness, a mental health podcast hosted by Maxwell, from Z-100, a corporate wellness division bringing turn-key wellness activations to workplaces and collaborative community events called “Therapy Sessions.” This company was founded in honor of Jack Nathan, the beloved late son of co-founder David Nathan. Jack’s legacy is a testament to his desire to create an authentic community focused on well-being.

HJE’s “Therapy Sessions” blends music and mental health to create a supportive, inclusive and stigma-free environment. Attendees enjoyed music while gaining access to expert mental health resources. “Mixing Matters” featured Lola Martinez, an Authentic Relating trained expert, who led a breathwork session promoting mindfulness and relaxation. This workshop equipped participants with tools for navigating and reducing anxiety associated with social situations. Lola represents “Othership,” an app known for immersive breathwork sessions.

In addition, HJE partnered with Luc Belaire, America’s #1 sparkling wine brand, with a mission to promote responsible drinking. This collaboration brought the event to life with a “manifestation bottle”— where guests wrote their aspirations on sticky notes decorating the bottle, taking the focus away from drinking and placing an emphasis on self-worth.

“Mixing Matters'” sponsors provided wellness products to fill gift bags for all attendees to continue their wellness journey beyond the event. Sponsors included “Self Made” (natural skincare brand), “Gorgi,” (women-owned, clean energy drink company) “LMNT” (providing electrolyte packets), “Sunniemade” (beauty product line) “Suja” (organic juice company), “Housecall” (NYC experiential workouts), “Sweet Nothings” and “Popadelics” (healthy snack companies), “Wearables” (relaxation patches), “Goodwipes” (wet wipes) and Stix (promoting health essentials).

Sam Koch, co-founder of HJE, expressed the company’s dedication during his speech, “‘Therapy Sessions’ events are a way to build community and show people that mental health challenges are normal and don’t have to be so clinical. Authentic connections and mindfulness are keys to fostering a supportive community.”

The event’s success left the crowd eagerly anticipating future collaborations through HJE as they continue transforming the entertainment space.

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