Halo Capsule X Makes U.S. TV Debut on Coffee with America

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Halo Appliances, founded by industry veteran Paul Bagwell, has taken another significant step in transforming household cleaning with the U.S. TV debut of the Halo Capsule X on the popular show Coffee with America. Airing on June 15, this appearance marks a pivotal moment for the brand, which is quickly becoming a favorite among industry experts and consumers alike.

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Coffee with America EXTRA featured the Halo Capsule X, bringing it to a wider audience. The distribution includes placements on major networks such as WNYW-FOX New York, KTTV-FOX Los Angeles, WFLD-FOX Chicago, and WHNS-FOX Greenville, as well as national placements on YTA and Biz TV.

Halo’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and user-centric design is embodied in the Halo Capsule X, a premium vacuum that utilizes advanced materials like carbon fiber to enhance both design and efficiency.

Unlike most traditional vacuum brands that often overcomplicate designs with unnecessary complicated technologies, Halo focuses on simplicity and 5-star rated performance. The result is a multi-award-winning vacuum brand that delivers a hassle-free, powerful cleaning experience.

Key benefits of the Halo Capsule X include:

  • No clogging: Advanced engineering eliminates blockages, ensuring consistent performance.
  • No filter maintenance: Say goodbye to endless filter scrubbing.
  • No dust clouds: Innovative design prevents messy dust clouds.
  • Lightweight design: Easy to maneuver, reducing strain during use.
  • Powerful cleaning: Ensures a thoroughly clean home every time.
  • Generous capacity: With a 2.0-liter capacity, Halo vacuums hold over 5 times more than some competitors, meaning you empty the vacuum much less often, and it is cleaner when you do.
  • Accessible price: Cited by TechAdviser as a genuine alternative to Dyson, the Halo Capsule X offers similar quality and performance at around half the price.

To purchase the award-winning Capsule X on Amazon, visit www.Amazon.com/HaloCapsuleX, or on Walmart, visit Walmart.com/HaloCapsuleX.

Halo Appliances, founded by industry veteran Paul Bagwell, is dedicated to revolutionizing household cleaning technology. The company focuses on high-performance, sustainable, and user-friendly vacuum cleaners, with the Halo Capsule X exemplifying design and efficiency through advanced materials like carbon fiber. Halo’s commitment to sustainability ensures a cleaner home and a greener planet. Follow Halo on Facebook, X and Instagram.

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