H1GHR Music Rappers Top Korean Scene Again with the Release of the RED TAPE Album

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This Wednesday (2), H1GHR Music Records gifted fans with the official release of the music video of The Purge and the RED TAPE album, the first part of the compilation project with all the artists signed by the label. After topping the music charts in June, this new track becomes a manifest of the label artists, who aim to lead the new hip-hop culture wave in South Korea. The album is also a tribute for artistic individuality and freedom of speech.

According to CEO and rapper Jay Park, the song inspiration was the movie The Purge, and the music video shows a message of something big that could happen, besides reflecting each artist’s personality through the scenes. The track features celebrated Korean rappers pH-1, Woodie Gochild, BIG Naughty, HAON, TRADE L, Sik-K, and Jay Park, besides being conceived by musical genius duo GroovyRoom, considered the country’s best Hip-Hop producers in 2019. 

H1GHR: RED TAPE is gathering the attention of the public with a luxurious album with 14 tracks, including the already released H1GHR (Intro), Cypher, How We Rock, and Team, that quickly reached 1 million views and the trending videos on YouTube in Korea. The artists also received praise due to their participation in reality shows such as Show Me The Money, High School Rapper, and The Voice of Korea, in which singer Golden was the winner.

“RED TAPE is for the culture. BLUE TAPE is for the fans. Both of them together are for legacy, and to make history”, said Jay Park, CEO of the label. RED TAPE and BLUE TAPE albums – to be released next 16th – are a landmark for the global label and a celebration of its third anniversary. Some of the artists featured on the albums are CEO Jay Park, pH-1, Sik-K, Golden, GroovyRoom, BIG Naughty, HAON, DJ SMMT, TRADE L, Woogie, Woodie Gochild, and more.

About H1GHR Music:
H1GHR Music Records is a global Hip-Hop and R&B label founded in 2017 by producer, businessman, and rapper Jay Park with North American singer and songwriter Cha Cha Malone. The company aims to promote new talents in their hometowns, Seoul and Seattle, and internationally. 

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