Green Products Innovator The ROOT Brand Releases Patented CleanSlate Formula to Help Purge Heavy Metals and Toxins

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ROOT Brand nature-inspired products firm introduces CleanSlate to help wipe cells clean of toxins.  

CleanSlate uses Zeolite, nature’s detoxifying mineral, in a proprietary, patented formula to:  

  • Detoxify by safely supporting the removal of toxins from cells, body and brain tissue; 
  • Reduce inflammation by assisting the body to help decrease the main cause of the inflammation;  
  • Increase absorption of nutrients by helping to remove toxins which could block nutrient binding.  
  • Patent 10894721

"Zeolite is in a class of minerals, crystals and clays used for years and proven to bind toxins, pollutants and environmental toxins. It’s known to capture those toxins so they can then pass safely through the urinary and bowel tracts. CleanSlate is an advancement in the process created by Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, Ph.D.," said Clayton Thomas, The ROOT Brand founder. "This is done by a person taking 10 drops twice a day.

"We used a third-party laboratory in the U.S. to demonstrate individuals who opted to do a seven-day before-and-after heavy metal urine excretion were amazed the product works as advertised," he said.  

"In essence, this new green detox technology creates little green garbage trucks that safely and passively remove heavy metal and environmental toxins throughout our system in all types of people and generations."

The ROOT Brand is a health and wellness company with a mission to get to the "ROOT" of health problems. All The Root Brand products are non-GMO, organic, vegan and gluten-free. 

Thomas is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. He has spent more than 15 years researching and developing product solutions. "We all have a body burden, which means the body’s ability to naturally remove heavy metals and toxins. Unfortunately, EVERYONE has exceeded their body burdens due to the TOXIC OVERLOAD that we all are carrying! This means that the body is trying to catch up and remove more than what we should all carry," Thomas said introducing CleanSlate. "We want everyone not just to feel in balance, but to feel amazing."

The ROOT Brand is a company founded on understanding how toxins and chemicals harm health and is formulating products to address underlying causes. All The ROOT Brand’s products are non-GMO, organic, vegan, and gluten-free.  Founders Clayton Thomas and his wife and the company’s formulator Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, Ph.D., have backgrounds in sales, nutraceuticals, medical device distribution, product science, research and multiple patents and proprietary formulas.  

The Root Brand was founded on four core values: simplicity, authenticity, integrity, and education to inspire the community to improve lives through honest solutions and more in-depth knowledge of natural wellness, and simple yet effective solutions for full-body health. 

ROOT was conceived through a desire to recreate the path to wellness and provide each individual with the knowledge and solutions to tackle the biggest health challenges faced today.

The company combined "the most brilliant minds with a philanthropic purpose to create a unique journey towards health and happiness for everyone worldwide. We came together to bring the best-in-class, superior products based on integrity, authenticity, simplicity, and education. We have a common goal to exceed expectations and fulfill the promise of equal opportunity in all areas."

Founded in February 2020 and based in Nashville, Tenn., the company is now in 50 countries. Future plans call for additional green products and patent-pending technologies to be introduced in 2022. 

Pierre Coleman