Greaternity Releases Transformative Debut Double Album ‘THE SON OF MAN’ — A Musical Journey of Faith and Redemption

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Greaternity announces the release of their highly anticipated and long-awaited debut double album, ‘THE SON OF MAN,’ available worldwide across all digital streaming platforms and an Official YouTube Playlist. This project, spearheaded by singer-songwriter Bobby Joe Owens, marks a significant milestone with 21 compelling tracks that resonate with divine inspiration.

The album includes twenty original songs and a cover of Gene MacLellan’s 70s pop hit, ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand.’ The collection features 11 songs from the perspective of Jesus himself (‘FROM HIM’), and 9 exploring Owens’ relationship in Christ (‘In Him’). While rooted in Christian Country, the album surprises the listener with diverse musical styles.

This double album is a real treat for all music lovers,” raves PowerSource Magazine/TenFiftySeven Media. “A hit song for every music genre can be found within the 21 tracks. Epic songwriting, great vocals, an exceptional album. The message is clear, it’s all about THE SON OF MAN! We give it 21 chart topping stars.”

Owens reflects, “This album is a large part of my life’s work, a testament to the gifts the Lord has bestowed upon me. From slow ballads to up-tempo anthems, each song is crafted to inspire and deepen one’s faith or explore a new relationship with Jesus. The album is an integrated body of work with all songs coming from the same place and the overall message is more meaningful if listened to in one sitting.”

The track list features standout titles such as ‘Planting Seed,’ ‘Love You Like Jesus,’ ‘THE SON OF MAN,’ and ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand.’ Six tracks were previously released as singles, with notable updates and enhancements for the album.

Key tracks include ‘It’s In Your Hands,’ a poignant ballad inspired by Owens’ personal journey, and ‘For All To See’ and ‘My God, My God,’ vivid narratives of Jesus’ life and crucifixion. Each song is crafted with musical depth and spiritual resonance, offering listeners a transformative experience.

The album also includes thematic songs like ‘Let Jesus Sort It Out’, ‘Turn The Other Cheek,’ ‘A Life Without Me,’ and ‘All You Need To Do Is Pray,’ each delivering profound messages of faith and guidance.

‘Sometimes Heaven Needs An Angel’ and ‘The Sky Is Changing’ delve into themes of loss, hope, and the promise of eternal life, while ‘You Are Welcome In My Kingdom’ and the spirited rendition of ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’ celebrate the album’s overarching message of divine love and redemption.

Recorded and mixed in Nashville by Simon Reid, with mastering by Torain Chavis, the album features Bobby Joe Owens on lead vocals, supported by Sakari Greenwell and special guests like Christopher Kendrick, Grant Hart, and Logan Barnes. Simon Reid contributes his instrumental prowess throughout, with notable appearances by Ross Holmes and others.

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