Getting Strong Now: #DMRadio Takes Philadelphia!

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Yo, Adrian! The democratization of data is here! Companies in every industry are leveraging information assets to carve out new niches, parlaying early success into gangbuster deals, and innovating their way onto the world stage with Philadelphia flair!

The latest sign of this ongoing transformation? DMRadio just hit the airwaves on Talk 860 WWDB-AM at Noon on Thursdays! Broadcasting since 2008, the show places a laser focus on data: how to capture, manage, store, analyze and use this precious asset. And these days, topics include AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and other data-driven disciplines.

"Let freedom ring" chimes Host @Eric_Kavanagh. "I just got chills thinking about the fourth time I watched Rocky, when Sly runs up those art museum steps? Wow! In one breathtaking scene, he captured the spirit of Philly: tough, resilient and rainy! Who doesn’t love Philadelphia? Ben Franklin? Lenny Dykstra? Come on, man!"

Over the years, DMRadio has featured expert speakers from numerous Philadelphia-based companies, most notably German powerhouse SAP, whose North American headquarters is based in Newtown Square, PA. Kavanagh has served in the company’s Influencer program since 2016, helping to spread the word about the power of modern enterprise technology.

Broadcasting via WCGO in Chicago, the show also airs in New York and Newark on WGHT; Los Angeles and Anaheim on KCAA; Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem and most of Utah on KYAH; greater Atlanta on WDJY; Louisville and Cincinnati on WTTA; Spokane on WKVR; Kennewick on KONA; Wichita Falls on KSEY; Springfield on KBNN; Waynesville on KJPW; Washington, DC and Fairfax on Radio Fairfax.

The Editorial Calendar for 2022 was just released, and can be found here:

Contact: Bidwell "Adam" White
#DMRadio Producer