Get High on Knowledge. Canna-GPT, The World’s First Cannabis AI Launches On 4/20!

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Barky AI and Highten announce the launch of Canna-GPT, the world’s first Cannabis AI. Canna-GPT is the first natural language chatbot interface that makes cannabis education more accessible than ever before. Users can type Cannabis focused questions into the app to get the web’s best answers quickly and efficiently.

This pioneering collaboration between Barky AI founder, CEO Chris Barkhurst and Highten CEO, Chad Johnson seek to democratize cannabis education on a global scale, making it accessible for “the many, not the few.”

“The launch of Canna-GPT represents our ultimate vision of making cannabis education a shared experience for all,” says Barkhurst. “By seamlessly connecting AI and cannabis, we’re equipping individuals to navigate this enthralling realm with ease and self-assurance.”

Canna-GPT sets itself apart from competitors with its user-friendly design and intuitive capabilities. Users can effortlessly engage in informative queries, from asking questions and collecting information about THC to terpenes, cultivation to consumption, so they can confidently choose cannabis based on their application and needs and not THC percentage.

“Barky AI and Highten came together to introduce an AI experience that is breaking down barriers, making cannabis education more accessible than ever before. We cordially invite the public to join this transformative movement on 4/20,” adds Johnson.

The world’s first Cannabis AI will only be available for a limited time only starting 4/20. To experience Canna-GPT first-hand and join the movement to democratize cannabis education, visit

About Barky AI:

Chris Barkhurst, Barky AI Founder & CEO is committed to crafting innovative, user-centric technologies that empower individuals to explore and learn through immersive experiences. For media inquiries, please contact Chris Barkhurst at
 or 816-806-5283.

About Highten:

Chad Johnson, Highten Sifter Founder & CEO, inventor of high volume solventless/mechanical extraction, is equally devoted to delivering top-tier educational resources and experiences to cannabis consumers and professionals alike.