Garden State Fireworks, Inc. Presents President Biden's Inaugural Fireworks Display

MILLINGTON, N.J., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Garden State Fireworks, Inc. was so honored to partner with Strictly FX at the direction of Ricky Kirshner of KEI Productions to be charged with the design and execution of a fantastic fireworks display for such a historic occasion.  The span and the positioning of fourteen launch sites established unprecedented width to the display that was not even readily comprehensible on TV.  The show was about a 1/2 mile wide. Co-Designer August Santore, Jr. stated, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the faith that Strictly FX has in us to be able to do what we love.  Watching Katy Perry’s arm outstretched as our fireworks lit up the night for our President and First Lady is something we will never forget.”    

August Santore, Jr. and Christopher Santore (4th Generation Members of the Family and August Sr.’s children) were at the different control points as lead technicians responsible for designing, setting up and firing the show.  August, Jr. and Christopher worked around the clock for days designing the display to make sure the directives from Strictly and KEI were closely met. Garden State carefully ensured every single firework and effect selected were meticulously arranged. If the effect was not in stock, Garden State Fireworks custom made it.  August, Jr. and Christopher spent hours of zoom screen sharing and collaborating around the clock with the script being finished one morning at 4:45 a.m.  The results were amazing despite a very short timeline. Teresa Santore Bland provided the simulation visualization for KEI’s review to assist with camera blocking. 

Garden State Fireworks, Inc. would like to thank Adam Biscow at Strictly FX for pitching a vision to KEI and ensuring it was maintained. Adam was on site all week and at mission control with production during the broadcast to ensure all needs were met down to the last second. Adam described the vision that KEI sought which allowed Garden State Fireworks to design and deliver what CNN called the greatest fireworks ever seen. 

Garden State Fireworks partnered with Strictly FX in 2016 in New York for the Super Bowl, recently for the MTV VMA show opening with “The Weeknd” in NY in August, 2020, and Wrestlemania on a number of occasions. Garden State Fireworks also worked with Strictly FX when President Biden claimed victory at the election as we accented Strictly FX’s drones with a complementary fireworks display to joint rave reviews.  Each time the companies come together with great success. August Jr. indicated, “It is a great honor to have the faith of such top professionals who trust that we will come through and deliver unprecedented choreographed displays for outdoor aerial displays no matter what.”   

The Inaugural display was the most challenging environment the team has endured to date.  The security measures were unprecedented and COVID made it even more difficult. The temperatures and wind were brutal at times. The last twelve months have been supremely challenging for our entire industry with most events being cancelled. Garden State Fireworks, Inc. were fortunate enough to execute the inauguration as well as the July 4th production in Washington D.C. for the National Park Service.  Garden State Fireworks, Inc. hopes that when the world sees events such as this that they know that fireworks can be safely performed and events can occur with proper planning and social distancing. 

A special thanks to the National Parks team from top to bottom, DC Fire, ATF, Secret Service, Park Police, National Guard and all the members of the production team who made sure the entire crew, artists, dignitaries and public were safe to allow the whole world the opportunity to see the amazing things we can accomplish as a nation when we all work together. 

About Garden State Fireworks, Inc.—The Santore family started manufacturing and displaying fireworks in 1890 when Augustine “Boots” Santore came over from Italy to North Bergen, NJ.  For over 130 years they have handled events from the Olympics to Washington DC 4th of July, a partner in the Statue of Liberty Bicentennial celebration and countless premier events around the nation and world.   August Santore, Sr. and Nunzio Santore are the owners of the company and they watch every detail with supreme drive for perfection.  Whether they are making specialty items for Walt Disney theme parks, battlefield effects for US Military training, a local municipality 4th of July celebration, blowing confetti at a sporting event or handling a private wedding display–there is only one standard they ensure in all aspects.  Excellence. Visit us at  Email us at

About Strictly FX –Under the direction of founding owner Ted Maccabee, the team at Strictly FX are true professionals in all aspects of events such as concert touring, proximate events, TV and live entertainment.  Strictly FX has been providing the special effects and pyrotechnics at the Super Bowl for years with perfection.  They have toured the world with superstars such as Carrie Underwood and Justin Timberlake providing superior special effects (lasers, flames, cryogenics, confetti, pyrotechnics, etc).

About KEI Productions—KEI Productions is an incomparable production company responsible for the largest events in the world.  They handled this Inaugural special event seamlessly in the most adverse conditions ever encountered.  Ricky Kirshner is a 9 time Emmy award winning producer whose credits include the Super Bowl halftime show from 2007 through 2020. 

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