Future of the Museums – A Family Attraction in the Orlando Area

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Wizard of Oz Museum in Florida offers something for family members of all ages, and was nominated as the Best Family Attraction in Central Florida by WKMG-CBS in 2024. From its numerous toys to book- and movie-related artifacts on display – as well as immersive experiences – the museum appeals to all age groups with a visual and learning experience sure to impress every guest.

One reason for the museum’s success in Central Florida is its proximity to major central Florida cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee, and Cocoa Beach. Residents of Orlando and Tampa, which represent the top cities of our guests, flock to the museum, followed by guests from Miami and Atlanta. The success is due to the uniqueness of the museum, as it touches almost every topic from art to music and anything in between for any family member, regardless of age.

While many museums have a singular focus such as art, science, military, history or children, The Wizard of Oz Museum goes further and offers an experience that includes all of these under one roof. Like the expression “good things come in small packages,” this applies to the Wizard of Oz Museum exactly. The truth lies in the details: an average person enjoys a museum for slightly more than an hour, so the importance of the museum experience is to grab every visitor’s attention and keep them engaged – which is far more important than the size of the museum or how many artifacts it displays.

The platform TripAdvisor created a way where smaller attractions and museums can compete with larger competitors at the same level using travelers rankings, and the Wizard of Oz Museum can be seen as the best example. Since The Wizard of Oz Museum has been open only for two years, travelers’ rankings provide an apple-to-apple comparison, without giving preferences to long-established museums, which may have been great in the past, but may not be up to today’s standards.

For example, The Dinosaur Museum in Indianapolis is listed as the #1 children’s museum in the USA with 483,000 sf. of building space. It competes with The Wizard of Oz Museum in the Orlando area with under 5,000 sf. of space where the museum ranks as the #1 children’s museum in the USA in Travelers rankings. While The Dinosaur Museum only competes in the children’s category, The Wizard of Oz Museum also competes in Art and Specialty (pop culture/history), where it’s also achieving high results. In fact, museum ranks in the USA as an Art Museum (#5 of 1,830), Specialty (#11 of 7,424), and #4 of 1,533 as a “hidden gem.”

As its popularity increases, The Wizard of Oz Museum encourages families to visit as a multi-generational experience. This allows grandparents to revisit their childhoods, while parents, teens, and small children can enjoy all aspects of what the museum offers.

Upon visiting the museum, some may wonder if this is what the museum experience should be. Maybe this is an example of future museums and the Museum may be a pioneer in new experiences. Such experiences could change the perception of museums and advance American culture to the next level – just like what happened in 1900 when The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, impacted literature, resulting in translations to over 60 different languages worldwide.

The Wizard of Oz Museum is located at 7099 North Atlantic Avenue in Cape Canaveral and open every day of the week (9am-5pm). For more information, visit Wizard of Oz Museum, or call (888) 949-6369.

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