From Runway to Renewal: Christine Handy’s Inspirational Battle Against Breast Cancer Comes to Life in Upcoming Film – ‘Hello Beautiful’

MIAMI, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Professional model and breast cancer survivor, Christine Handy, is set to inspire and empower audiences with her autobiographical story in the upcoming film “Hello Beautiful.” Christine’s remarkable journey leads from the world of high fashion through a terrible battle against breast cancer to offer a profound testament of resilience and hope. Filmed in Boston, the cinematic adaptation of Christine’s bestselling book stars Tricia Helfer as Willow, with a screenplay written and directed by award-winning director Ziad Hamzeh.

Plot Synopsis: “Hello Beautiful” is a deep dive into some of the darkest chapters of life, as wife, mother, and working model Willow weathers the storms of debilitating illness. Navigating the seismic emotional struggles that threaten to derail both her self-worth and her faith, “Hello Beautiful” is a story of possibility– in a tale of transcendence that shows the beauty of the human spirit. 

“If I communicate nothing else in my life, I want people to know this: You don’t have to give up,” Christine said. “We’ve all heard so many sad stories about how awful cancer is. And I understand that perspective. Cancer is brutal. But that doesn’t always have to be the end of the story. We can fight it with every single breath. Hope is a light that can guide you back home.”

Christine’s story goes far beyond her cancer diagnosis – it is a metamorphosis from seeking validation in an exciting career to discovering the raw power of inner strength. Despite facing her own mortality, and the transfiguration of her own body, Christine emerged as a beacon of light who helps others to navigate the same path. From fighting cancer and winning, to all of the surgical obstacles, reconstructive hurdles, and emotional battles that come after. 

“This is more than just a movie, it’s an anthem of self-love,” said Christine. “I want people to move beyond all these superficial validations that we think are so important. It’s a healing place that I want others to find as well. That is my story – that is Willow’s story. Because I tell people all the time: if I can find my strength and learn to love myself fully, so can you.”

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About Christine Handy 

Christine Handy is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, accomplished model, and breast cancer survivor. Known for her resilience and humanitarian work, she serves on the board of three non-profit organizations. Her best-selling novel, “Walk Beside Me,” is the subject of an upcoming movie and offers a tale of hope, faith, and resilience that mirrors her own life experiences. Visit her at:

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