From Pain to Pane: Story of Ynacio

HARDIN, Mont., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s 10 pm in rural eastern Montana. As the world around begins to sleep, lights remain on in one small house at the end of quiet a cul-de-sac as the artist Ynacio prepares to begin his creative work. Laying in front of him is the rectangular piece of glass he’s selected to paint on. Next to the glass is an assortment of acrylic paints. He is ready to begin. But first he prays, thanking God for his life and talents. Ynacio then turns off the lights, puts on some soft music, and paints a piece of his soul. He doesn’t need light to guide his finger; memories from the past course through his mind and onto the glass.

With each bold, purple stroke, another scar is added to Man’s face. Each scar reveals a painful memory…. of the nights he watched his mother and father die in his arms, powerless to help. Of a childhood filled with abuse. Of living homeless on the streets for years. Of drinking alcohol every night until blacking out, laying on his couch cursing God and hoping to die. Tears begin streaming down Ynacio’s face as he works. One of them falls to the glass, leaving a smudge in the paint.

Ynacio’s paintings aren’t simply color on glass, they reveal his life, his history — real and raw. Stroke by stroke and piece by piece he tells his story. But it is far more than story-telling. It’s a beacon of hope, a tangible example of what is possible through God’s redeeming love. No one is stuck where they are. No one need remain a slave of their past. Ynacio’s story would never be told if he had stayed on the streets, overwhelmed by his childhood abuse and addiction. But his story doesn’t end there. Through hope ignited by faith in Jesus Christ, just a few years prior, Ynacio’s life changed forever.

"Today I talk with people about what I went through and I believe it helps them," says Ynacio. "Why? Because I truly understand their situations. Today I’m a homeowner who’s been clean and sober for years. Now I help recovering addicts fight their demons. I love to serve in my community. And I hope others can find the same healing and peace I have through God. So when you look at this piece or my other work, remember what you see is being finger painted in the dark, by a 50-year-old guy who’s gone through hell and back, praising almighty God because He’s in control."

In a way, Man is a mirror of Ynacio. Looking deeply at this piece we get a glimpse into the artist’s soul. And although that glimpse is painful, with it comes the hope of brighter days ahead.

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