From NY Times Bestsellers to White House ‘Disinformation Dozen’: Charlene and Ty Bollinger’s Epic Journey Unveiling Truth, Medical Freedom, and Their Explosive Film Release

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, celebrated founders of “The Truth About Cancer” and unwavering champions of healthcare freedom, are unveiling an updated docu-series titled ‘Propaganda Exposed! [UNCENSORED]’.

In a time of seismic revelations, ignited by the Missouri V Biden case exposing collusion between the government and social media giants, and punctuated by the release of the Twitter Files, the Bollingers, recognized members of the Disinformation Dozen, have emerged as pivotal figures. They were purposely silenced, but today, their comprehensive 9-episode docu-series has never been more relevant. ‘Propaganda Exposed! [UNCENSORED]’ illuminates the shadowy world of censorship and propaganda, peeling back the layers of government-backed misinformation that have saturated our society.

This powerful docu-series confronts the rampant censorship and propaganda that have corroded our information landscape. It boldly challenges the narratives spun by mainstream media and government entities, revealing that much of what the public has been told is not the full story, but carefully crafted disinformation.

‘Propaganda Exposed! [UNCENSORED]’ assembles a lineup of eminent experts at the forefront of the battle against these issues. Distinguished figures featured in the 9-episode docu-series include Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Roger Stone, Del Bigtree, Dr. Alan Keyes, Mike Adams, Pastor Greg Locke, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Sean Stone, John Schneider, and more.

Charlene and Ty Bollinger, renowned healthcare activists and authors of the New York Times best-selling book, have boldly championed medical freedom. Their prominence reached its zenith in July 2021 when the White House identified them as part of the Disinformation Dozen. Despite relentless efforts to censor and suppress their message, the Bollingers remain resolute in their mission to provide accurate, alternative medical information. Their best-selling book, The Truth About Cancer, and numerous docu-series have educated millions, offering essential knowledge to those seeking alternatives in the face of conventional medical practices.

Charlene Bollinger emphasizes the enduring importance of exposing schemes designed to quash dissent: “Throughout human history, those who have dared to speak inconvenient truths have faced ostracism, demonization, and attacks from those in power. The past two years have been no exception. While history repeats itself, Ty and I believe it’s vital to continue unmasking these schemes intended to silence us all into submission.”

The global re-release of ‘Propaganda Exposed! [UNCENSORED]’ is scheduled for November 1st, and it will be freely accessible to the public. To secure your place and gain access to this eye-opening docu-series, please visit

SOURCE The Truth About Cancer