Frank Lamphere’s New Album & Brand of “Blue-Collar Jazz” Promises Years of Listening Enjoyment, Especially for Rat Pack Devotees

Multi-talented crooner-carpenter Frank Lamphere unveils his latest album Now THAT’S Amore!

CHICAGO, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Frank Lamphere, swinging vocalist and hammer swinging deck contractor (Hence the name, Blue-Collar Jazz) has released another high-quality, culturally significant album with his latest project Now THAT’S Amore! The fourteen-song album contains ten covers of pop-jazz standards and four original compositions, all utilizing a core of a four-piece rhythm section and supplemented with additional instrumentation. This is the follow-up to his 2021 America the Beautiful, Swinging disc. The opening track Theme From the Godfather sets the album’s tone and could become indispensable listening for Godfather fans. Frank made his version a hyper swinger and with the addition of clarinet, accordion and mandolin, the song’s old Italian roots are on full display. Dan McIntyre, guitarist in Frank Sinatra Jr’s band for years, plays on all the album’s tracks, and has standout solos on Lamphere’s self-penned Think Happy (inspired by national radio talk show host Dennis Prager) and the reverent God Bless America. The title track That’s Amore, an early career hit for Dean Martin, received a jazz makeover. An alternate version of the song is also included and shows off Lamphere’s near native fluency in the Italian language. He has headlined across the country at Italian fests. One of two Henry Mancini compositions, A Slow Hot Wind features a vibraphone weaving seamlessly between piano and guitar chords. The other, Charade, after its charming accordion intro, explodes with the energy of a hydrogen bomb. A Buddy Greco inspired take on Around the World, with memorable solos by pianist Larry Harris and former Basie band saxman, Eric Schneider, will more than accommodate swing dancers. Frank’s original baseball song (formerly of the Cubs) is now dedicated to Atlanta’s team in The Braves Go All the Way.

Jazz historian Scott Yanow writes Now THAT’s Amore is “The swinging crooner’s finest recording to date”. Interestingly, the first recording session occurred just as the pandemic alarm bells were sounding in March 2020. At a time of worldwide uncertainty and with a great sense of urgency, Frank and crew returned to the studio to complete the project, semi-masked, in February 2021.

“A first-rate singer with style” – Jazz Review. In an era of copycats and musical plagiarizers, Frank Lamphere’s goal has been to make high quality recordings, while freshly interpreting the great American songbook. He makes his music available on CDs and downloads but is opposed to the streaming services that pay virtually nothing. “If I choose, I’ll give my music away for free, but I won’t let a streaming service to do it for me,” firmly states Lamphere. “One of the premier vocalists in the entire country” Chicago Jazz Magazine, Frank is also a skilled carpenter specialized in deck construction. He is owner-founder of A-Affordable Decks ( in west suburban Chicago. While his day gig keeps his body in shape, he is thankful to have found singing coach Brett Manning ( years ago and is an adherent to his techniques.

Music career highlights include four CDs released, radio and television commercials, steadies at top jazz clubs in Chicago, headlining numerous Rat Pack themed shows across the Midwest, high-profile corporate and private gigs from Las Vegas to New York, even performing in Milan, Italy. He recorded Look Out For Love which opened the 2007 film Osso Bucco. His original song I Never Forgot from his 2012 CD Frank Swings was featured prominently in the award-winning independent film Theresa Is a Mother. Prolific in the recording studio over the last several years, Frank has been utilizing the abundant jazz talent in Chicago and recorded three more albums. His fifteen song Frank Sinatra tribute Frank Songs, My Way could very well shake up the industry when it comes out in mid-2024. Available for musical performance nationwide, with his band. Lamphere is married and has two children.

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