Founder of ENDURE Studios, Jay Denton, Releases First Single in Two Years Alongside Growing Endure Artist Roster

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ENDURE Studios had a notable March with singles released by NBC The Voice alum, Madilyn Paige, Mayans MC actor/singer, Rocco Vargas, Aaron Kellim, and Jay Denton.

Working in collaboration with film composer, Hannah Parrott, Denton’s single, “The Reckoning”, marks his first artist release in two years. Debuting the single on a KRXM Radio interview with host Jeffrey Vaughan, Jay talked about the balance of being a producer, studio head, and artist all at the same time, and what the future of ENDURE Studios looks like going forward.

“Excuses” by Madilyn Paige is the first of three songs that the Team Usher alum has written and recorded with the team at ENDURE Studios, as Paige continues to grow well beyond her initial platform on The Voice.

“Keys” by Rocco Vargas released right as season 3 of Mayans MC also began airing on FX, where Rocco plays the character, Gilly.

“Fences” marks another monthly single by Aaron Kellim, who’s expanding reach, particularly in Asia, is prompting ENDURE Studios to begin talks for a possible South Korea tour later this year.

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