Former Alabama Attorney General Launches Cashback, a Country Music Podcast

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — He may have been Alabama’s top crime fighter, but now former Attorney General, Troy King, is Nashville’s newest hit. King recently announced his widely anticipated podcast, CASHback.

CASHback is the only podcast in the world dedicated exclusively to the songs, the sounds, the stories, and the sessions, the history and the hi-jinks, the friends and the fans, the music and the Man . . . the Man in Black that is.

Each week, CASHback takes listeners on a wild, bumpy, boom chicka booming ride through Johnny Cash music history. Maybe you have never heard of CASHback. The dictionary defines a "flashback" as a sudden, vivid memory of the past. When those memories are of Johnny Cash though, they are too special to be just another flashback. They are called CASHbacks.

No matter how remote from Johnny Cash a particular story seems when it starts, by the end, it always ties back to Johnny Cash.  The first episodes are as varied as Cash himself and feature his famous friends like David Allen Coe, Bruce Springsteen, Ernest Tubb, and Ray Charles; his heroes like Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams; infamous outlaws like Charles Guiteau who gunned down President James Garfield, and, of course, no Johnny Cash show would be complete without a train wreck.

Troy’s King’s Mama taught him to love a Sun Drop and he earned a graduate degree in Cashology at his Daddy’s knee. His Dad often instructed him, "It’s not COUNTRY music, son. It’s just music. There is no other kind." In the years that have followed, King has become an amateur historian and a captivating storyteller. His first and lifelong passion was and remains all things that boom chicka boom.

King said, "This is my passion project.  I love this music and these stories.  So many of Johnny Cash’s fans met him late in his career so they have no idea about all that came before the "Walk the Line" movie and the American Recordings albums.  We strive in every episode to tell our stories in a way that will be familiar for old fans (and include stories even they may not have heard) while remaining accessible to new fans."

CASHback started ten years ago when King was asked by the operators of JohnnyCashRadio to combine his extensive knowledge of country music and his passion for history to host a show on the Johnny Cash Museum’s internet radio channel.  It struck a chord with Cash’s international fanbase who have been asking for new episodes for years.  CASHback has since been updated for the new podcast platform, but it retains the same quirky sense of humor of the original and never takes itself too seriously.

Visit to subscribe to the podcasts and shop The Station Store for CASHback gear and swag.

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