Flure App’s Christmas Check-In: Did You Call Your Ex? 81% Regret It!

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — With the burning question, “Did You Call Your Ex?” Flure, the open-minded dating app, uncovers surprising insights into user behaviors during the Christmas holidays. We surveyed over 2000 Flure users from the United States on this sensitive subject, and here’s what we uncovered.

Key Highlights:

  • The Urge to Reconnect: 72% of Flure users felt the urge to contact an ex during the Christmas holidays.

Sarah, 28, shares, “There’s something about the holiday spirit that makes you nostalgic. Dating apps are like my safety net – connecting with new people and avoiding those ex-text pitfalls.”

  • Calls and Conversations: 45% of users actually called their ex during the festive season.

Michael, 32, reflects, “The eggnog might have influenced my decision.”

  • Regrets and Resolutions: 81% of users who reached out to an ex experienced regret, leading to a surge in New Year’s resolutions focused on fresh dating experiences.

Emma, 25, remarks, “Flure’s gamified chats with cool strangers helped me shift focus. Lesson learned – next year, I’m focusing on the present, not the past.”

“The holidays have a unique way of stirring emotions. The ‘Did You Call Your Ex?’ exploration showcases the real, sensitive side of dating app users. At Flure, we embrace the moments of vulnerability and provide a platform for users to connect authentically, whether it’s with new potential matches or navigating the complexities of past relationships.” – comments Kate Kubrick, Flure App team.

Flure App continues to be a pioneer in redefining the dating landscape, aiming to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive and understanding society. 

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