Floowood Release Double-Album, Inferno: Descent & Ascent, Released On All Streaming Platforms

PHOENIX, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Clocking in at 21 tracks is the double album of several lifetimes, from the kind of artist that only comes around once. On November 11, 2021, Floowood gave us the two-headed monstrosity, Inferno: Descent & Ascent. Split into 2 separate albums "Descent" and "Ascent"- Inferno takes the listener on a twisted journey through the 9 circles of hell and back. With a blend of Rock, Rap, EDM, and sounds from around the world- Inferno transcends genres. Floowood is a top form with his latest release.

Who is Floowood, though? Judging by these precious tokens of sound, along with their avant-garde visual counterparts, backed by a quintessential literary interpretation, "The Book of Inferno"- it is clear that Floowood comes in many forms. Corbin Billings a.k.a. Floowood is a published author, film producer, and recording artist who has gained notoriety through his writing, visuals, and musical performances.

Floowood hones his skills on the mic as a versatile MC and a singer with gothic undertones. Inferno starts with a whopper of an anthem in the form of "Ghost" featuring Sincerely Collins, serving as the lead single of the album. As if having the PHX God bless the intro track on the debut solo double album isn’t already a reason to tell a friend- Floowood quickly dives deep into the depths of man’s soul with the title track "Inferno". It’s about halfway through song #2, you realize, this guy isn’t f*ckin around.

Though one might not necessarily consider Floowood traditional Hip Hop, songs from Descent like "White Noise" and "Lil Sheep"… Show the world that Floowood does in fact, have bars. His raps are controversial and elaborate, there is a lot to unpack in each line. His singing voice is so smooth and seductive, you just want to keep listening over and over again. This guy is like Post Malone and Tom Macdonald’s lovechild on a DMT trip. Whatever the Floowood formula is, it’s potent.

Journeying through the underworld, realizing the various stages of suffering, Descent goes on to cover topics such as- Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. Descent is perfect for those who are all about confronting those demons. On the other hand, Ascent could easily be the soundtrack to Nirvana itself- covering topics like Liberation, Intimacy, Sustainability, Generosity, Grace, Harmony, Compassion, Authenticity, and Awakening. Ascent is perfect for those who are seeking enlightenment.

Lead by the sound of the ocean, "Waves" kicks off Ascent, with Floowood in his island bag. Encouraging listeners to forget about their notifications and disconnect from Big Meta. The soundscapes on Ascent traverse the corners of the world, sparking the imagination, inciting blissful sensations. Solutions abound in Ascent, backed with sacred mantras, ladened with alchemical vibrations. Floowood’s final form on this contemporary masterpiece is "Buddha", where he asks the ultimate question.

One thing that is incredibly clear (no pun intended), is the A-1 production on this album. The concept/beat selection/structure of the dual album is very well-thought-out body of work that is layered in philosophical, allegorical, and lyrical nuggets of gold. Enlisting a quorum of world-class musicians to help bring the vision to life, Floowood and his team set the bar high with this one. Mixed and mastered at the legendary Soundwaves Productions, James Linton gives Inferno the proper treatment.

Inferno: Descent & Ascent by Floowood is available on all platforms. The video for "Ghost" ft. Sincerely Collins is currently climbing the YouTube ranks. All things Floowood can be found at floowood.com, including "The Book of Inferno" and the hottest Inferno merchandise.

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