Fine Art Shippers Joined Asian Art in London 2021 as a Sponsor

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fine Art Shippers, an NYC-based art logistics company, joined the 24th edition of the international annual art show Asian Art in London 2021 as a sponsor. The company became an official tote bag & virtual gallery sponsor of the event. Based in Central London, the show brought together the most different art collectors and dealers from around the country and beyond. On October 21November 6, every visitor could become a part of the mystical Asian world and explore some of the most beautiful artworks from Asia.

Asian Art in London (AAL) was established in 1998 to celebrate London as an innovative platform for promoting Asian art. Every fall, the leading international auction houses, collectors, and art dealers join together to take part in this grandiose show. The art program consists of a variety of auctions, art exhibitions, lectures, receptions, and seminars featuring top-notch experts and specialists in the field. People from the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia attend AAL to share extensive experience and knowledge with each other.

This year, the event was divided into two parts. The first one, which was held on October 21-30, highlighted pieces of Indian & Islamic art. Visitors could look at Indian and Persian miniature paintings, carpets and textiles, Middle Eastern armor, ceramics, and jewelry brought from the Islamic and Indian worlds. The second part of the art show was devoted to East Asian art and was on view from October 28 through November 6. The focus was on Himalayan art, Chinese pottery, Vietnamese art, Japanese prints, enamels, bronzes, sculptures, and Indonesian works of art.

Fine Art Shippers, an NYC-based art logistics company, joined the 24th anniversary of Asian Art in London as an official sponsor. Reputable art shippers became tote bag & virtual gallery sponsors and hence contributed to the development of the influential international art event. Fine Art Shippers is known for its extensive support of talented artists, art businesses, organizations, galleries, and fairs in the past. Asian Art in London became yet another valuable partnership for the art shipping company.

As part of the celebration, Fine Art Shippers was invited to a champagne reception for Asian art in London, which was held on Friday, October 29. It was combined with a private view of the exhibition "Collectors, Curators, Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1921 – 2021" at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS. Official speeches and art awards were an exclusive and essential part of the reception that celebrated the launch of the 24th anniversary of Asian Art in London and the achievements of all its participants.

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Ilya Kushnirskiy


SOURCE Fine Art Shippers