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MILAN, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A’ Design Award & Competition, a prestigious international annual juried competition for design, invites brands, enterprises, and creatives globally to submit their remarkable products and projects by September 30th. This competition is a celebration of innovation, technology, design, and creativity, spanning multiple creative fields and disciplines, aiming to bring diverse design philosophies to a global stage.

In the highly competitive contemporary market, exceptional design is a catalyst for brand differentiation and consumer preference. By participating in the A’ Design Award & Competition, brands can underline their commitment to innovation and quality, amplifying their global presence and potentially securing enhanced market share and consumer preference. The competition provides crucial strategic advantages focusing on expansive global outreach and significant brand enhancement.

The A’ Design Award & Competition is not merely a platform for acknowledgment; it is a conduit for brands to manifest their commitment to societal progress and sustainable value creation. The meticulous evaluation process of the competition is centered on criteria such as sustainability, efficiency, and the value the design brings to society, ensuring each design is a beacon of innovation and a promise of a harmonious future. Participating in the A’ Design Awards means aligning with a vision for a future where design transcends aesthetics and functionality and makes profound impacts on societal well-being and happiness.

Winning or even just participating in this esteemed competition, allows brands to establish a strong rapport with consumers and foster long-term allegiance, by demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation in design. Additionally, the extensive press recognition and media exposure ensure that participating brands receive extensive coverage, reinforcing their market presence and boosting visibility.

The A’ Design Prize, awarded annually by the A’ Design Award & Competition, is a coveted recognition, promising not just fame and prestige but a comprehensive array of benefits to the winners, ensuring international recognition and publicity. The A’ Design Prize epitomizes the essence of excellence and innovation in design, embodying a multifaceted array of acknowledgments including a distinct award trophy, an invitation to a gala night in Italy, extensive media exposure through press partners, and inclusion in both online and offline exhibitions of awarded projects. Moreover, winner projects are translated into over 100 languages to maximize international outreach. This meticulously curated prize package also includes the promotion of awarded works to thousands of publications, an exclusive interview with the winner, a perpetual worldwide license to use the “A’ Design Award Winner Logo,” and a featured spot in the World Design Rankings, all aimed at fostering a global appreciation for innovative and superior design.

The clock is ticking; don’t miss this golden opportunity to spotlight your brand’s innovative designs and propel its prestige. Submit your entries by September 30th at A’ Design Award & Competition at

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About A’ Design Award & Competition
A’ Design Award & Competition stands as a symbol of excellence and innovation in design, aiming to highlight and advocate good design, designers, and design-oriented companies from diverse disciplines. A’ Design Award & Competition was conceived with a vision to offer designers, companies, and innovators a competitive platform to showcase their brilliance to a global audience and is renowned for its dedication to promoting exemplary design. The A’ Design Award & Competition, developed from extensive scientific research and analysis, provides a unique, fair, and ethical platform, enhancing international exposure and recognition in the design realm.

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