Filipino Third Culture Actor James Tang Talks Community as Global Multiculturalism Trumps Acts of Asian Hate

FORT COLLINS, Colo., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A social reckoning of global proportions is front and center the United States. From historical treatment of marginalized communities, to consistent acts of violence and other forms of harm to those communities, people are taking action to make a difference.

Culturs – a U.S. based global magazine read in 208 countries consistently takes action as well.  The next print edition (on newsstands the first week of June) focuses on community and how, working together, we can create lasting change that uplifts our local environments and the globe.

This issue’s cover features Third Culture Actor James Tang, best known for his work on television shows “Brooklyn nine-nine,” “NCIS: Los Angeles.” It’s a perfect time to amplify his voice as we currently experience a wave of Asian-focused violence throughout the United States. Born in the U.S., Tang spent much of his youth in Thailand. He says, “My family is mostly Chinese culturally, but I went to an international school with a Western —based education system.” 

He talks about his global background — in which he is defined as a “Third Culture Kid.”  Tang’s work in transnational film can do much to create understanding among populations who grow up in homogenous national environments rather than globally mobile environments.  “I can’t fully remember how I stumbled upon the concept of TCKs,” Tang elaborates.  “I believe it was in college at some point that I got turned onto [a book] that was what gave a label to the experiences I had growing up and being able to relate to other TCKs in university without having understood the exact name for it.”

Other features in this issue that aim to expand thinking, create empathy and help us each do our part to create lasting change include the photo essay “My Brown is Beautiful,” in which body-positive East Indian Australian model Swarnali Sikder Das shows the beauty of her sun-kissed skin and why we each should embrace the bodies we’re given. The Culturs “MUST” List, features summer reading with stories to expand our horizons with heartfelt stories that span five continents. To help navigate the upheaval currently experienced by each of us, an article on “Modern Loss” provides tips on how to navigate today’s tumultuous environment.  The issue is rounded out with journalistic storytelling that addresses many of our current social justice challenges from a nuanced perspective.

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