Figure Out Where Givling Has Hidden $5,000 in Cash and the Money is Yours

GLASGLOW, Mont., Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, and they’re even better when you can participate from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the country. Givling, Inc. has launched a Virtual Treasure Hunt, and the prize isn’t your standard gift certificate or restaurant tab. Instead, they are awarding $5,000 to the person who correctly guesses where the virtual treasure chest is hidden.

Givling came up with the new idea in light of the pandemic and its related adversities that many people are still struggling with. "Bringing the community together to do something exciting, and possibly make a difference in a family’s life was the inspiration behind this unique event. People are struggling and we want to have a little fun and help where we can," said Seth Beard, COO.

The company has been a "Force For Good" since 2015. As the world’s only patented crowdfunding trivia game, their primary mission is tackling the $1.7 trillion student loan industry. Since its launch, Givling has stepped in and completely paid off numerous student loans. Their cash awards have also assisted with mortgages, family emergencies, or other financial hurdles. To date, over $8 million has been paid out to their users.

A recent $50,000 recipient quoted, "I am in tears because this month I received my paid-in-full notice. The student loan problem is defeating, more than just financially. You all saved my life." Another award recipient of $5,000 stated, "Without you, you would not be changing as many lives as you are," as she is playing to alleviate her sister’s loans and help fund her own mortgage.

The virtual Treasure Hunt is live now and continues until the Treasure is found. Once you’ve signed up for the Givling App, follow the Treasure Hunt journey as new clues are released regularly on TikTok and YouTube. Visit this Givling Blog post for information on where to follow along and how to participate for your chance to win the $5,000 cash prize. Happy hunting!

About Givling, Inc.

Via crowdfunding, Givling has paid out over $8 million dollars to its users to wipe out student debt or to reduce mortgages. Trivia winners are awarded cash to spend as they wish. Half of the money awarded is totally free, with no cost to participate. Players who are able to fund can crowdfund directly, buy coins to play trivia or purchase from our sponsors. Free play awards come from advertising. A new user could download Givling today, and be the recipient of the Free $5,000 Award, the Free $5,000 Treasure Hunt Award, or be a FreePlay Trivia Winner within a week or less. Visit to create your free account and play today! #ForceForGood


Seth Beard
Chief Operating Officer
Givling, Inc.

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