Fable Launches Premium Sean Astin Book Club

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today Fable, the social reading app founded by lauded tech industry leader Padmasree Warrior, announced the launch of a new premium book club helmed by actor Sean Astin.

Fable uniquely allows book club members to buy ebooks and read them together while sharing highlights, comments, links, and pictures to discuss books and is a purposeful way to build fun and safe communities with family, friends and colleagues. Sign up to become a Fable member at fable.co and Download the Fable app at https://fable.co/download.

Astin has hand-selected books that explore journeys of self-discovery. "I’m always impressed with the accomplishments of others," said Astin. "I’m drawn to stories where underdogs discover the hope and determination they need to follow their personal destiny. As we read these books together, we’ll take journeys of self discovery and learn how to face the challenges of the future."

For his club’s first book, Astin picked a science fiction classic that feels especially relevant to society right now. "Brave New World" is a dystopian social science fiction novel by Aldous Huxley, first published in 1932. It depicts a society heavily stratified into an intelligence-based hierarchy. "Early in the book, there’s a terrifying scene where scientists condition children to feel an ‘instinctive hatred of books’ so they will never challenge the grim social order constructed around them," Astin says. "I believe we can escape Huxley’s dystopian vision by reading great books that expand our horizons."

Other books in Astin’s Folio of selections include John Steinbeck’s Americana classic "Travels with Charlie" and the long distance running bestseller "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. Explore the rest of the books in his Folio at [link TK].

"Sean Astin is not only a beloved actor, but also an avid reader, and a passionate advocate for literacy," said Padmasree Warrior, the founder and CEO of Fable, and one of the tech industry’s most respected executives. "We couldn’t be more excited to build a community with his fans to share in the joy and benefits of reading."

Sean Astin’s premium book club joins LeVar Burton’s and Ebony Magazine Publishing’s premium Fable clubs. Readers pay a fee to join the club and read along with these beloved icons. Explore Fable’s book club offerings at https://fable.co/book-clubs.

Fable’s free offering continues to offer robust content allowing anyone to join free digital book clubs and read along with well-read experts and tastemakers. Fable Folio curators include award-winning and bestselling authors like Anthony Doerr, Katherine May, David Sedaris, Adam Grant, Jasmine Guillory, Mimi Lok, and Paulo Coelho. Free featured book clubs include a TED book club, a Queer YA book club, and several TikTok/BookTok book clubs. These open book clubs offer a range of reading experiences, from personal development classics to technology leadership to literary masterpieces to fun romance novels.

Fable has ebooks from all the majors and indie publishers available for purchase in its webstore for readers to purchase and read in the app.

About Sean Astin
Sean Astin is known for playing iconic roles, including as Mikey Walsh in "The Goonies," the title character of "Rudy," Samwise Gamgee in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, and the beloved Radio Shack manager Bob Newby in "Stranger Things 2." These roles epitomize hope, determination, and loyalty, pillars of Sean’s career that has spanned four decades with over 160 acting credits. He is a vocal advocate on many issues including climate activism, literacy, mental health awareness and civic engagement, and frequently lectures on these topics.

About Fable
Fable launched in spring of 2021 with a catalog of nearly a million books and Folios curated by leading authors and tastemakers. Fable has raised $7.25 million in funding from Redpoint Ventures, M13, Defy, Breyer Capital, and other leading investors. Padmasree Warrior is the Founder, President, and CEO of Fable. Previously, Padma was the Chief Executive Officer of NIO U.S., a manufacturer of smart, electric and autonomous vehicles. Prior to NIO, Warrior served as the Chief Technology & Strategy Officer for Cisco. Warrior has been widely recognized for her creative, visionary leadership. Forbes has named her one of "The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women" for three years running.

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