Explosive Environmental Documentary “Planet of the Humans” Hitting Apple iTunes and Amazon This Weekend

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “Planet of the Humans” directed by Jeff Gibbs, executive produced by Michael Moore, and released by Huron Mountain Films launches this weekend on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Vudu. The video-on-demand release of “Planet of the Humans” across multiple high-profile platforms marks a decisive turning point for the film, according to the producers, which encountered a coordinated suppression campaign just days after its 2020 Earth Day release.

Moore explained that when he premiered “Planet of the Humans” on his “Rumble” YouTube channel, viewership “exploded in the first 24 hours and it was seen by millions in the first month. Then, the film suddenly went dark.”

A subsequent independent investigation involving leaked emails revealed a coordinated plot to block “Planet of the Humans.” Journalist Max Blumenthal linked the effort to professionals backed by the same “green” billionaires and wealthy interests exposed in the film.

Following two statements by PEN America in defense of the filmmakers, “Planet of the Humans” eventually broke through the censorship barrier and continued tallying millions of additional views on YouTube before launching this weekend on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.

“People don’t like being told they can’t see something, and the censorship attempts might have driven another 5 million people to see the film,” said Moore.

The total audience for the “Planet of the Humans” thus far is well over 14 million according to Gibbs. “We are honored and humbled by the overwhelming interest in ‘Planet of the Humans’. We look forward to continuing the discussion our film has triggered about so-called green technology and green capitalism.”

First released in April, fifty years after the first Earth Day, “Planet of the Humans” is now aiming for an expanded global audience. “Until now, the story in this film was limited to certain countries and only on YouTube,” said Ozzie Zehner, producer. “This broad release ensures millions more will be able to see, discuss, and share the film.”

“We won’t let this film be silenced again.”

“Planet of the Humans” is available now on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Vudu in the United States and most English-speaking territories. The film is streaming on Crave in Canada. Globally, “Planet of the Humans” is now available through Vimeo and will premiere in twelve additional languages across most platforms next month.

Media Contact:
Ozzie Zehner


SOURCE Huron Mountain Films

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