ExitLag’s ‘Black November’ Campaign Overcomes Economic Disparity Around the World

Present in more than 190 countries, ExitLag’s campaign offers new and existing users its biggest discount to date, matching local prices and currencies 

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ExitLag, created to help enhance internet connections through its multi-path technology, has launched its ‘Black November’ initiative through the end of the month. Valid for existing and new customers, ExitLag helps enhance users’ online gaming experience by reducing lag, ping, latency, and optimizing frames per second (FPS). The campaign offers users a three-month plan, where those who subscribe for two months during November receive a third month for free – giving gamers a 33% discount!

“Being a global company, we face our share of challenges related to pricing. Just last year, we launched local pricing in more than 20 countries to help overcome the hurdles of economic disparity and saw great success,” said Lucas Stolze, CEO at ExitLag. “Our Black November initiative is an opportunity for us to continue to put the customer first by accommodating more local currencies and price changes. Our goal is to ensure that gamers around the world all have equal opportunities to experience gaming the way it was meant to be – lag free!”

To achieve local pricing, ExitLag uses a system that matches prices according to user location. This allows the user to take advantage of costs based on where they live and the currency they use. ExitLag also offers a wide range of payment options, including crypto currency and various localized methods, through its billing partners.

“We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive community. Offering a variety of methods of payments allows everyone the chance to enhance their gaming experience, with high-performance and a stable connection, whether they’re a professional or causal gamer,” Stolze said.

ExitLag’s core technology includes its patented multipath technology and infrastructure of more than 1,000 servers across the globe, allowing users to optimize their connections using up to four routes simultaneously. In case one route fails or becomes unstable, the others kick in, keeping the game connection unphased and guaranteeing a stable connection. The multipath technology was created to enhance users’ connections, adding stability and avoiding packet loss to ensure the best user experience possible.

To take advantage of ExitLag’s Black November discount, visit https://www.exitlag.com/blackfriday

About ExitLag

ExitLag, a proprietary online gaming software, was created by gamers to level the playing field and provide a better, more competitive gaming experience to users worldwide. Using data trafficking optimization and artificial intelligence, multi-path connections with simultaneous activation guarantee you always have the best connection while gaming. You can learn more about their Desktop and Mobile solutions at ExitLag.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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