Event Rap, Custom Rap Agency, Smashes Crowdfunding Goal on Kickstarter

NEW YORK, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Yesterday, Event Rap, a newly-launched custom rap agency, exceeded its Kickstarter campaign goal of $26K by almost a third, with $34,438 raised (view here). The Event Rap Kickstarter campaign ran from April 27May 27, 2021, offering rewards including Custom Rap Videos, live Rap Up summaries of events, and even fully-produced songs and music videos. 

Founder Baba Brinkman worked with a roster of 12 experienced rap artists to produce a series of original songs and videos as early rewards for backers, and as prototypes for the new business. Event Rap now launches on a strong footing as the first booking service where you can easily commission a live virtual performance or custom rap video on any topic, upending the traditional music industry and modeling it instead on a creator marketplace app – forget Uber Eats, think Uber Raps!

Baba Brinkman also recently released the music video for his latest single “Counterfactual,” commissioned by Wesleyan University Climate Economist Gary Yohe, which highlights the dangers of misinformation about COVID vaccinations, climate science, news, and politics. The song is available on Baba’s new LP, Bright Future — the first-ever Custom Science Rap album, with ten original songs and videos, each commissioned to tell a story about science and society — released today, May 28, 2021.               

About Baba Brinkman                                                        
Baba Brinkman is a New York-based rap artist and science communicator, best known for his “Rap Guide” albums, TEDx Talks, and off-Broadway theater productions. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Baba’s work has been featured in New York Times, The Rachel Maddow Show, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, NPR, Macleans, CBC and BBC. He is a recipient of a Scotsman Fringe First Award and the National Center for Science Education’s “Friend of Darwin Award” for science communication. 

About Event Rap                                         
Event Rap is a booking service that helps people find and commission original custom rap songs about any topic, for any occasion. Event Rap offers Custom Rap videos, virtual performances, and Rap Up summaries of events to create unique experiences for event attendees and help clients share their message with the world.           

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